Now Israeli martial arts team told not to bother heading for Swedish event, because Swedish Muslims threaten?


And earlier this month, Israel tennis players in Sweden were subjected to threats and violence from Swedish Muslims also – what the hell is going on in Sweden?

Why are Swedish Muslims being allowed to get their own way and bully everyone else???


Like many others, the countries of Scandinavia are experiencing population decline that threatens the future of their economy and they’re trying to bridge the gap by absorbing hundreds of thousands of immigrants each year.

The thing is, most of these immigrants do not apply for work per se. They’re considered political asylees or refugees. Scandinavia accepts Muslims from the armpits of the Islamic world–Somalia, Iraq, and the Palestinian territories.

Let’s just be clear on one thing: Scandinavia has gotten nothing out of Muslim immigration, and this status quo is not going to go on forever, because many people are simply sick and tired of it.

In Scandinavia Muslim immigrants live mostly in the slums and ghettoes of large cities with left-leaning local governments, like Malmo. Ironically, they have a high unemployment rate and many of them are on state welfare.

There was a problem, of course, with Somalis and female genital mutilation.

Muslim immigrants in Scandinavia are overrepresented in crime, specifically rape.

The riots you’re talking about have happened mostly with (1) peaceful pro-Israel rallies with permits, and (2) Scandinavian-Israeli athletic events. In both cases, the Israelis or pro-Israelis were attacked by crowds of Muslim immigrants, betraying their origins by throwing eggs, broken bottles, teargas grenades, and even pipe bombs and firing homemade rockets. I hardly think it’s likely that a native Scandinavian supporter of the Palestinians would resort to such criminal behavior.

You can take a look at the riots on video to see just how bad they are.

Riots in Oslo

Sweden: Muslims Shoot Rockets, Hurl Pipe Bombs at Jews

Just to be clear, Scandinavian governments are of the opinion that these were the worst riots in their cities since the 1980s.

To the Muslims who say this is just proof that Israelis aren’t welcome anywhere, this is just you doing this. It’s part of a European-wide rise in violent crimes against Jews, almost all of them committed by Muslim immigrants.

In Denmark, two Israeli expatriates were shot by a man with dark Arab features who escaped in a car.

In England, a swastika was etched onto the courtyard of a small Jewish school.

In France, a synagogue was firebombed.

In Slovenia, anti-Semitic graffiti was scribbled on one of the country’s few synagogues.

In Germany, a rabbi was stabbed by an Iraqi.


Jewish schools need barbed wire and private security. In Denmark some public schools refuse to take Jewish children because of fear of violence from Muslim students.

There are some parties that intend to put a stop to this. In Denmark, for example, the far-right Danish People’s Party controls around 14% of Parliament, and it’s been responsible for reducing Muslim immigration somewhat through the &quot:Danish 24 law.&quot:

In Norway, the Progress Party is the second largest party in Parliament and it’s headed by Siv Jensen, who wants to reduce Muslim immigration and has warned of &quot:sneak Islamization.&quot: After death threats for her support of Israel, she is now under 24 hour guard. Let’s hope she keeps making electoral gains.

Kind of, it’s yes and no. If the Swedish candidates get democratically elected, and decide to not have such open borders, then that’s their business. It’s ultimately up to them how many they allow into their borders. However, I’m against them actively not reintegrating the families. That’s actually bad news, in the long run, for the Swedes, as it breeds extremism. However, while I think they’ll have issues with extremists regardless of what they do, I do have to say that it’ll cut down, possibly significantly, on the amounts they do have to deal with. I can certainly understand, since I have read about some of the problems from extremist immigrants who move there, but do not adapt to, and might actively despise, the local culture or population. The biggest thing I can think of the the deplorable conditions of Malmo, Sweden, through what I know of the Jews there, and what they have to put up with.

Well the Swedish authorities are giving in to Mob rule by doing this, every time the ”Mob” doesn’t like someone or something they now know. Let’s threaten violence, commit violence and riots to get what we want as Sweden panders to us and gives in. Sweden is quite capable of ensuring security for the Israeli martial arts team, so why are they giving in to Mob rule or is there another agenda here and they are hiding behind it will upset our Muslim citizens and cause protests and violence. It does make you wonder………….., your right Paperback Why are Swedish Muslims being allowed to get their own way and bully everyone else?. Sounds very political in motive too.

It seems that the Islamic community is attempting to isolate Israel by threatening Israeli’s everywhere they go. It’s unfortunate that supposedly free countries are so weak against fanatic people. Even here in the US there are factions of Islam that would just as soon see dead Jews as not. The fact that it’s not readily apparent doesn’t preclude they’re being out there. It’s truly a shame that the Arabic community (including all religious beliefs) can’t see they’re collective way past the hatred and make peace.

This is how they show peacefulness. By not allowing peaceful interactions that might build to the future.

After all, the left no long supports left wing ideas of peace through outreach &amp: tolerance &amp: getting to know each other. Now they support it by supporting bombing of other countries to annhilate them — and calling it a crime when they bomb back (Israel to defend itself).

Sweden was really the originating source for the Holocaust master race &quot:scientific research.&quot: Maybe they haven’t let go yet. I was there &amp: it was pleasant, but the Jewish Community Center is behind 10 feet high concrete walls &amp: you need an appointment just to be allowed to sit in the lobby. It’s also where I saw a swatzika on a bus bench station with &quot:kill all the Jews.&quot: Maybe they are bending over too far?

I would guess people like Seridnity are exposed to media that’s just as bias &amp: have no idea how much radical right wing info they are supporting. On Jpost – you think they are lying about whether the Israeli team was dis-invited?

don’t use past bigotry to justify more bigotry. More of the same doesn’t make it less FALSE and bigoted.

One word…..INTIMIDATION. The Swedish Muslime think they can keep the Israeli martial arts team, or any other Israeli team out of sporting events by bullying, and:sadly, it’s working! And yet, if someone does the same thing to them they yell and scream b**dy murder(sorry for the language). And who does the world side with? T-H-E-M, them!

Kismet: Your post reminded me of some not so distant history. How did Hitler start his march across Europe? Didn’t a lot of European countries try being nice to him? And after Dunkirque, look what happened.

Aaah, Crystal: This IS a Jewish group!

Sweden was a neutral nation throughout World War Two. Apparently their is still much of the old guard in charge over there. Seig Heil!

I read this somewhere: The Muslim world is a brittle world, sitting atop a fossilised religion, devoid of any type of political or personal freedom and full of desperately poor people: a world threatened by civilisation and its prosperity, democratic values and, its freedom.
I saw this somewhere … here I think.
1. If world opinion were enough, there would be no Israel.
2. If Israel laid down its arms, there would be no Israel.
3. If Hamas laid down their arms, there would be peace.
The angels have the phone box: Israel is the only country in the entire world where discussion of its military actions is so closely tied to denying it the right to exist. The League of Arab Nations created, maintained and continues to exploit the PA refugee crisis because it is their most powerful weapon against what they see as an infidel homeland in the Mid East.

because probably the muslim people outnumber the swedish people, I heard it has happened in other places, and father jake are you in bed with the muslims. Cant understand why the muslims have to force their beliefs on everyone else. bullies for sure.

Sweden is being bowled over by insane political correctness and threats of violence by a ‘peaceful religion’!


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