Anyone up for rating Historical figures? On a rating of 0-10 how do you rate these Historical figures & -&gt:?

Their importance in American/World History whether it was in a good way or bad way?

If you don’t know a Historical figure just type N/A

1) Alexander The Great

2) Abraham Lincoln

3) Elizabeth I of England

4) Maximilien Robespierre

5) Thomas Edison

6) Cleopatra

7) Jose De San Martin

8) Mother Teresa

9) Thomas Jefferson

10) Benito Mussolini

1) Alexander The Great – 10 Considered by many to be the best military genius of all time. He led his people of the great Macedonia. He conquered half of the known world by the time of his death at age 35. He brought enlightenment, who knows what he would have done if he had lived longer. ((I am Macedonian myself, so I may be slightly biased on this, but I don’t think so))
2) Abraham Lincoln – 9 – he fought to keep the states together, abolished slavery (the Emancipation Proclamation) to the 13th amendment, Homestead Act, the Morrill Act, the National Banking Act…strong character.
3) Elizabeth I of England- 10 – The Golden Age, gifted scholar who’s reign saw a widespread increase in literacy and great achievements in the art (William Shakespeare, Christopher Marlowe and Sir Walter Raleigh), expansion overseas. Explorers such as (Sir Francis Drake, Sir Walter Raleigh), scientific thinking (Sir Francis Bacon), great communicator, defeat of the Spanish Armada…just on and on &quot:a woman, in what was very much a man’s World, and she did this with courage, intelligence and loyalty to her friends&quot: (www.elizabethan-era)
4, Maximilien Robespierre – 0.5 Ah, the reign of terror, Violence, mass executions, mob rule, and injustice, the slogan &quot:&quot:Unity, liberty, equality, and fraternity–or death&quot:
5) Thomas Edison – 10 a man who not only created but did so with the thought of the average person in mind, making things so that anyone could afford them. He was the innovator for the first industrial research lab, developed the carbon microphone used in all telephones,the light bulb, power distribution…what he did did not involve wars, or death…but what he did propelled the nation forward and for that he deserves the 10.
6) Cleopatra – 1 – ah, the last queen of the Macedonian dynasty, though worshiped as an Egyptian God. She was only 17, and she was very bright, but also could be cruel.She married her 12 year old brother,and then 11 year old brother due to the thought a man should be with her. This led to many affairs, she convinced Caesar to kill her brother. She used torture on the people and in the end killed herself when Marc Antony (her husband) committed suicide. She had 3 children with different men. She was too young and guided by lust. She misjudged her people’s love for her in the end.
7) Jose De San Martin – 9 -a military commander and national hero who played a leading role in the revolutions against Spanish rule in Argentina, Chile, and Peru. As a liberator, his glory is as great or nearly as great as that of SimГіn BolГ­var.
8) Mother Teresa – 10 – unselfishly, and through the love of God and all people mother Teresa dedicated her life to improving the lives of the impoverished.
9) Thomas Jefferson – 8 -wrote Declaration of Independence, Drafted Virginia Statute for Religious Freedoom, was a strong supporter of education (founder of the University of Virginia), his Louisiana Purchase doubled the size of America
10) Benito Mussolini – 1 – One of key figures in the creation of Fascism which included elements of nationalism, corporatism, national syndicalism, expansionism, social progress and anti-communism. He did not hesitate laying siege to towns, using torture, and holding women and children as hostages to oblige suspects to give themselves up. His foremost priority was the subjugation of the minds of the Italian people and the use of propaganda to do so


They are all dead and therefore, irrelevant. Some beneficent, some malevolent. Who cares? Ask your iPad addicted pals if they know anything about even ONE of this illustrious cast of characters. Guessing NOT! Anyway, Edison is numero uno, everybody else is just yesterday’s news!


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