Poll: Who are you voting for in November 2012?

I am voting for Rick Perry

Whoever gets the Republican nomination.

Since the November election is for the office of President and we don’t know yet who the Republican candidate will be, I can’t say who I will be voting for.

And how do you know that Rick Perry will win the Republican primary?

Ask again around October 2012.

Rick Perry may not even get the nomination. Or will that not stop you?

As it stands I will be casting my vote for President Obama. Again. It is going to take more than a fresh face to compel me to vote otherwise.

I might’ve considered Ron Paul if the only issues we were facing were financial. I like his stand on The Fed, but there is alot more going on right now and that just isn’t enough to get my vote.

Well, the only decent Republican is Ron Paul, can’t stand the others. Still waiting to see which Democrats challenge Obama.

Ron Paul

Ralph Nader

Ron Paul hands down! I will vote for no one else. He is this country’s only hope!

Gotta see who get’s the GOP nomination first, and pay attention to the primaries. I’m a Paul fan so yeah.

definite, and that i’m def balloting for Obama. Idk wat sort of man or woman can in sturdy unsleeping do in any different case. Mitt Romney is such an ignorant inconsistent fool brainwashed by capacity of his retarded mormon faith. He needs to make an ammendment to the form that prohibits any marriage besides that between a guy and a woman. merely between the numerous stuff to contemplate until eventually now balloting for him.

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