POLL: Liberal or Conservative?

My friends and I were talking about politics, and one of them mentioned he is extremely liberal….I am the same way. We are two of about ten in our 1200 student school..so I was wondering if it was like that every (Way more Conservatives than Liberals)..so I’m doing a fun little test…so are you Conservative or Liberal? (Or Moderate…but I would PREFER Conservative or Liberal)

I think, therefore I’m Conservative.

Alright, that’s not entirely fair (funny though- huh?). But you can’t deny that liberals act more out of how they &quot:feel&quot: than how they think.

Churchill said it best – &quot:When you’re young and not liberal you don’t have a heart. But when you’re older and not Conservative you don’t have a brain.&quot:


Conservative Libertarian

If a conservative doesn’t want a gun he doesn’t buy one. If he doesn’t believe he doesn’t go to church. If he is a vegetarian he doesn’t eat meat. If he doesn’t like tobacco he doesn’t smoke.

If a liberal doesn’t like guns, God, meat, or tobacco he wants the government to pass a law so no one can have it.

I am a conservative. I believe Americans should have as many personal freedoms and liberties as possible. Liberals want as much government control as possible in order to restrict personal choices and freedoms.

I believe in single-payer tax supported health care, so I suppose I’m liberal.

Your taxes and mine pay for the Armed Forces and the Interstate Highway system, whether or not we were attacked and whether or not we drive. Together, our taxes fund the radar and traffic control system, the Air Traffic Controllers who make commercial air travel safe even if we never leave home. We support a large National Park System and virtually no one has visited them all. Taxes from non-readers and readers alike pay for the libraries. Our taxes help fund the fire department that saved someone else’s home and someone else’s business.

Health care should be like that.

Conservative (lean libertarian in political philosophy).

Conservative but that does not mean I side with the Conservatives 100% of the time.

liberal. I think it has to do with the region too. I doubt all schools or town have the same ratios.

I am the most Liberal Person in this section.

And I am very proud of it.

I am a Libertarian. We need a small government that intrudes as little as possible into our business or personal lives.

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