Is the &quot:war on terror&quot: really a &quot:war on Islam&quot:?

Is the US engaged in a holy war?

What is the difference between a mass-murder on American soil being labeled terrorist or not?

The Fort Hood shooter was Muslim, and the right-wing is adament that it was a terrorist attack. The Columbine shooters, and the Virginia Tech shooter, were not Muslim, so the right-wing just calls them crazy.

When there is a mass murder on American soil, is the religion of the killer(s) the defining criteria of whether or not the attack was terrorist?

If not, what is?

If so, how do we explain to the world that the US is at war with a religion?

Its a war on particular factions of radical Islam, much like World War II was a war against the Nazis, not the German people.

Is the &quot:war on terror&quot: really a &quot:war on Islam&quot:

If all Muslims are extremist who are organized around the world committing terrorist acts in the name of their perverted interpretation of Islam then the your answer is YES! Since most Muslims are good people and are not extremist going out committing terrorist acts in the name of Islam your answer is then NO!

The Fort Hood shooter was Muslim, and the right-wing is adament that it was a &quot:terrorist&quot: attack. The Columbine shooters, and the Virginia Tech shooter, were not Muslim, so the right-wing just calls them crazy.

The Fort Hood shooter is called a terrorist because the U.S is at war with organized radical Islam and those who murder and commit acts of violence in the name of Islam. The Fort Hood shooter was motivated by his Muslim extremist beliefs and was corresponding with an Al-Quida operative that lead him to mass murder his fellow American soldiers. Which tells me he was an Al-Quida sympathizer playing his role in all of this and was not just some crazy man who went on a killing spree.

Columbine shooters, and the Virginia Tech shooter, were not Muslim, so the right-wing just calls them crazy.

Because they were crazy. They didn’t belong to any organized group in the U.S who went out to unleash mass murder on Americas children in the public schools and universities. They were just three mentally disturbed misfit crazies who went to schools and murdered their fellow classmates because they felt ostracized or whatever. If the two killers at Columbine had been part of an organized network of people targeting American schools and it’s children, then they too would be seen as terrorist and not just crazies.

Obviously, the majority of our current focus is on Islamic extremists. However, that is not a &quot:war on Islam&quot:.

Another defining factor in labeling something a terrorist attack is intent: Oklahoma city bombing was terrorism, that was the intent. Columbine and VT were more &quot:i hate my fellow students and i want to kill them&quot:, is that terrorism, maybe it could be said but in the war on terror those 2 don’t count.
At FT Hood an Army major who espoused, with continued fervor, a dislike and even anger at the US and the war in Iraq, goes into the Soldier Readiness Center, where personnel receive routine medical treatment immediately prior to and on return from deployment in Iraq and Afghanistan and opens fire. the intent there seems more political and therefore more then a simple &quot: i don’t like my school&quot: hence, terrorism.

Supposedly, the war on terror began as a response to the attacks on September 11, 2001. The attackers were supposedly Saudis and the leader Osama bin Laden. We all know this of course. However, there is no evidence whatsoever that the attackers were Saudis or al qaeda. The investigation into the attacks did not begin for two years after the attacks. Don’t you find this odd? If there was no investigation, we started two wars based an assumption, or a theory.

The FBI even stated publicly that they had no evidence linking bin laden to the attacks. Bin Laden has not been indicted nor has he been charged with the 9-11 attacks. The FBI website lists all the other attacks he is wanted for but not 9-11. Furthermore, a senate report has recently been released confirming that when bin laden was within grasp of the US military in 2001 they let him go, intentionally. Don’t you find this odd? The wars have continued for 8 years, still no evidence of islam, al qaeda, or even bin laden involvement. Not to mention weapons of mass destruction. Why? Haven’t you seen the video of George W. Bush laughing and joking about the abscence of WMD’s in Iraq? It is a pure admission that it had nothing to do with why we went to Iraq.

When the 9-11 commission did finally complete an investigation it concluded that a group of men got together and planned to attack America. But with the lack of above evidence, this conclusion is only a theory, accurately defined as a &quot:conspiracy theory&quot:. There are many Americans today that now believe the 9-11 attacks were product of our own government that conspired to justify the wars and the patriot act. This is also a &quot:conspiracy theory. So, everyone on earth essentially believes that we went to war based on a conspiracy theory. It is only a matter of which one you believe in, but either way, the only conclusion is that the wars are not justified.

Also consider that the government’s version of the conspiracy theory did not mention anything about Iraqi’s being involved. Before we invaded Iraq there were no serious threats from that country. The country was weak and torn, we blew them to hell in days. So why was there so much resistance and fighting in Iraq? Because we blew their country apart and threw them into turmoil based on nothing. Based on a silly conspiracy theory. You cannot deny that if China, for example, were to do this to us that we would not have reacted in the same exact way here in America, and note that we are mostly christian or atheist. Ask yourself why so many American soldiers had to die for this.

So what was the purpose of the wars? Always look toward money as the primary culprit. Also, do yourself a favor and conduct your own personal investigation into what legislation has been passed only as a result of the attacks on 9-11. You might be surprised. Investigate for yourself what legislation Cheney had prepared before 9-11, and why he did not introduce for so long. Find out how much time had passed after 9-11 before he finally did introduce the legislation. Is this not a question worth looking into?

The answer to the question is simple regardless of which conspiracy theory you believe. This is not a war on Islam or religion. This is a war on humanity and truth.

War on Islam? Well, I do not think it is a war against Islam per Se. I think it is a war against the ideas preached by the most radical in Islam.

Mass Murders to me are people that kill without reason just for the fun of it. Terrorists kill for religion and political motivation.

Mass Murders of any religion that kill for political gains or religious ideals are labeled terrorists (see Timmy McVeigh aka The Oklahoma City Bomber)

The USA is not at war with a religion it is at war with the states that allow and sponsor Islamic fundamentalists to kill US citizens in the name of Jihad.

Technically…when Afghanistan didn’t attack us, a group did…I never saw how we could invade their country to begin with. Shouldn’t we ask Afghanistan to turn them over or offer our assistance? Then we invaded Iraq who also did not start a war with us and was really up to world wide sanctions for the supposed weapons of mass destruction. The whole thing is crap and doesn’t make sense. The past 8 years hasn’t made sense. Does any of this surprise you?

What is happening to this country, politics, and the people holding the gov’t responsible?

You explain that that religion or at least 99% of people trying to blow up or planes and building are a part of that religion

Sure its some minority radical portion but we dont just bomb mosques we arent really at war with Islam

We are at war with that part that is at war with us

The ones that attacked first

The Oklahoma City bombing was considered a terrorist attack

I hope it is a war on Islam. The difference is what defines them. What defines a Muslim? A muslim is someone who follows Mohammed and the Koran. What is in the Koran? An order to kill anyone who does not convert to Islam. Muslims have shown time and time again with their murderous actions that they take this order very seriously. If you believe in that, we should be at war with you because no one is going to force me to convert to another religion. I’d sooner die (or kill) for my freedom.

The other Americans you name have no strict doctrine that link them. They are lone wolves. Muslims are an army.

No, AlQaeda is extremists bent on world domination.

Most Muslims aren’t like that.

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