If part of the anti-gay marriage argument is that gays cannot reproduce, why not ban old people marriage?

How come the anti-gay marriage people aren’t trying to ban old people marriage, or marriage between a man and a woman who had ovarian cancer and can no longer have children?

Why are they so concerned about the reproduction issue when it comes to gays but not when it comes to straight people?

Or infertile marriage. I can’t have kids, so am I not allowed to marry?

they are seriously using that as an argument against gay marriage? I would think that fact is the biggest plus for them and the world. There are enough god damned people already. Besides we all know the real issue is taxes. Married people get a tax break remember?

If you think that gay marriage is OK because they are in &quot:love&quot: and are not harming anyone else, aka &quot:their decision&quot:, then why not allow beastiality? They won’t be harming anyone and they may truly be in love with the animal.

And to those who might say &quot:That’s different, an animal is incapable of comprehension and that is unnatural.&quot:

Homosexuality is unnatural. Homosexuals also base their lifestyles on a perverted belief, an attraction to their own sex. So why is one seen as &quot:normal&quot: the other as &quot:wrong&quot:. Perhaps our thoughts might change if they make a movie like brokeback mountain, but this time, instead of two guys has a man and his dog. Sounds like a great love story doesn’t it?

Gay couples are always 100% infertile where as with strait couples there is always a change although the odds are not in their favor.

Besides that, the premise isn’t even true. Gays most certainly can reproduce: being gay doesn’t make you infertile.

Marriage and Religion should GTFO the same room.

The anti gay marriage people are the same ones that in elementary school wore helmets and rode the small school bus. They have no room for growth, they are set in their stone age ways, they are lost causes…

LOL. Methusela and Edna is a biblical counterexample.

Easier just to ban all marriage, it’s meaningless anyways.

because the 14th Amendment and their conscience for other people comes after their bigotry

Honestly, they only want to ban it because it`s &quot:disgusting&quot:

Well you know what, Christians? What you don`t know won`t fvcking hurt you!

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