I hate my life..want to kill myself..i hate my family.?

I don’t know were to begin…I hate my dad so much not my mom a lot but my dad to…always problems with the bills they yell and what not and my mom and dad are always thinking about a divorce but it never happens since they get back along…I didn’t go to a dentist checkup in 10 years since my dad says they are a rip off and i have cavities…I just don’t want to live…don’t tell me to get help…I had cousins visit me from Michigan this new years I was so happy to see them and now i miss them that they left and I cry everyday just cant forget about my cousin when she came we had so much fun for 3 days..gave each other hugs a lot during that time.. don’t tell me to talk to my parents cus all my dad does is yell and always wants everything his way. I like my hair long and im a boy not even up to my shoulders and he has a problem with it and wants me to cut it next weekend…I’m pretty good in school i can keep my grades up and pass still sometimes i dont do good on tests..

I need a way to get my dad mad…and kill myself or just get away from life..

He wants me to cut my hair but i don’t want to…everytime i like something he doesn’t like it…

I wear bracelets those rubber ones he calls me a punk…and rips them off..

I listen to my favorite music he doesn’t like it then argues with me..

Always wants me to vacum the house even when my cousins were over here from far away he got on my nerves 2 times wakes me up just to vacum or gets an attitude…along with my mom if i don’t vacum she gets all mad and yells in the house…

I just want to die and don’t want to live anymore..I’m crying…and told my brother i wll move into my friends house but i was lying since that is imbarrasing kind of..

I am going to lower my grades now so i can fail and not pass…just wont do my homework..and show my dad how bad i got after all hes done..

I was thinking about overdosing on pills if thats the easiest way to even passout and never wake up..

please help..

I’m going to tell you something strait up right now :
I had a friend who was beaten by her parents and kicked out of the house, now she lives with this boy at school who takes in kids who get kicked out. He has like 4 people living with him and his mom now. There are other solutions! Maybe you could go and live with your cousin if its so bad. Life may seem hopeless now, but you need to find something to help you through, like music or art or a good friend. And when you grow up, maybe you can do something worthwhile like help kids out of the same situation you’re in. My uncle was a crack head and my cousins left him to go live with their grandma.
Obviously if you have friends life still has a ray of hope.

Suicide is weak and cowardly, if you stick it out and be brave, people will respect you. Good luck, God Bless.

First of all, killing yourself will accomplish Nothing, in fact it is a cry for Help and Attention. You need to find a counselor and discuss your feelings and concerns. Failing school is not going to hurt anyone buy YOU, why would you punish yourself by failing? I fully understand how tough it can be to get along with your parents when you are in your teens, but I can also tell you that most of the time the things they demand are for your own good. Doing a few chores teaches you responsibility. As for your music, your hair and everything else about you, this WAR has been repeated since time began, parents want one thing, kids want to be like their friends. Compromise is the answer, but it takes you being willing to give up a few things in order to get a few. I would also suggest you find yourself a part time job or do some volunteering, it is a great way to get out, meet people and it helps you Grow Up. You may not believe it, but all these Terrible problems will disappear as you get older. Go and seek some help and try to do a few of the things your parents ask.

dude suicide is never the way out, how would ur cousins feel? u don’t want to hurt them that way. and yea ur dad sounds like a regular asshole but u do not have the worst homelife ever trust me. n i no talking doesnt do anything, so keep cool try to find a healthy escape…NOT DEATH idk how old u r but remember u will get out of that place someday i personally count the days until im going to be gone i have 4 months and 8 days, and ive been counting for 7 years so if i can do it so can u. and by the sounds of it failing in school wont help u revenge no matter how sweet will end up bitter 4 u. n if u want a futuer away from him i suggest getting good grades so u can go 2 college. remeber find a positive outlet, what ever works as long as its not harming you or others

Take my advice if you want.
I am in the same place that you are in and I am 14. In school I am doing good I get a mark above 85% no matter what happens and I suck in math in math my average is 54% only math and I need help in math. I asked my family for a summer school, a place where you had to pay and they said no, it’s too harsh. I made this plan and if you don’t like it then play along. Okay I decided to focus hard and become a good in sports which I already am. I am good in sports and learning It took me two years to become good in learning and sports. I stay away from girls and friends just focus on my future. I want to become rich and give my parents a good future even if they treat me bad because they are the one who brought me in this world. I just want them to be happy even if they are treating me bad. I know what you mean by your cousins coming over and going. The same thing happened to me and it feels like you just want to run to them and stay with them forever, but you can’t. Focus on my plan becomes rich help your parents pay their bills and get a job. Just play for the man in the mirror. Go on for your brother. Just drag your body to the finish line and help your parents. If you give your parents a good future then you will receive the love and the trust that you are supposes to get from your parent’s is the best thing ever. Believe me when you win your parents heart then their love and there likeness feels so superior. Just help them become rich have and you have big goals not like becoming a doctor. By becoming a doctor you can only give a good future to your kids become something big that the world looks up to you. (PLAY FOR THE MAN IN THE MIRROR) &gt: imagine how your brother feels. If you become rich then at least your brother won’t have to face what you are facing right now.

Please dont do this. My dad did in 07, and it solved nothing. YOu will make your dad and mom feel so guilty, and they will live with that the rest of their life. Just try to solve your problems. Talk to a school counselor, and get help. Go to a friends house for a few days to cool down. I swear to you, killing yourself is not a solution in any way. YOu wont see how things turn out, and you wont give yourself a chance to make them better. Live through the hard times to get to the better. Please try, and if you need anything email my account.

sucide, is not going to help anyone, just creates more problems
keep up the grades. my dad is the same way, i dont know what his problem is, when my cousin was over my mom yelled at me because my makeup was &quot:too dark&quot: and is wasnt! it was so freaking emberassing and my dad did the same thing, they are super over protective, i also get good grades in school, hate it, hate the school they make me go too. and when my dad listened to my mp3 player he tottaly flipped out on the music i listen too. he said its not the music HE listens too, (I dont care what music he listens too) i returned that mp3 player, and i cant close my door or lock it, thye dont get it and i feel you. they hate my brothers hair too. and its also long and not even up to his shoulders they are over protective, so many times i felt like running away, i didnt know where. and i wanted my parents to divorce so bad! becos i thought it would make things easier. heres what i do. i deal with it. because its life, NOBODY said it was easy or fair, i bet you everyother kid you meet hates their parents, but they wont say it. whocares about them keep up the good grades go to college and get an awesome job then move somewhere, just wait and see what happens when you get older,
dont kill yourself cos of a d1ck

TRUST me when i say suicide is not the answer! i have often thought about it but at the end of the day you will just mess up the people that you care about.
concentrate on your school work get a good job then leave home then you don’t have to listen to them anymore

Honey, listen: Your Parents are being mean, immature, selfish and egotistical.
What is killing yourself going to accomplish? You have a great Life ahead of you, you WON’T be living there forever!
Hang in there, this Part of your Life will pass sooner than you think!

kill your dad. No jk. Just do well in school and one day when ur successful and have a great job and a lot of money visit ur parents (if they r still together) and rub it in to them how successful you have become and then beat up your dad and walk out. then come back and egg their house.

Baby nothing is so bad were you need to kill yourself, trust me i have been through much more than you and i am still hanging n there. most teenagers dislike their parents its just a phase .doing bad n school is going to hurt you more than your parents. y dont toy get both of your parents and let them read your question they need a wake up call = hang n there please

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