Are men better than women??? Should I feel horrible about it???

Look, I get teased a lot by being a woman. My boyfriend showed me this article here….
and told me how better a man he is…Should I feel unsecure about it???


Each one has his\her own advantages and disadvantages

BTW I didn’t like the article

It sounded silly to me

BUT I&quot:M A GUY

AND I would say that MEN aren’t better than Women


Hahaha, that article is pretty clever really. Some does ring true honestly, especially if written by a man. There are and always will be differences between genders, and some azzhole men will try and say their differences make them better than women. Just as some ultra-feminist women will say men are scum and we are better.
Point is, cute article, but does not give your man any logical or intelligent arguement that he is better than you. Fight fire with fire hun, there’s many articles on the web why women are much better than men, then dump his ***, preferrably just as he thinks he’s about to get a piece.

If a man cant respect you for being a woman, then I still have no idea why you’re still with him. Well, maybe because you love him, but c’mon…do you really want to be with a guy who obviously has no respect for women?? Im not a feminist or anything, it’s just common sense. End it now before it’s too late and you’re stuck in a possibly abusive relationship.

both sexes are EQUALLY important. that is SOOOO STUPID i can’t believe he would say that!! men and women need each other just the same! we wouldn’t have any more human beings if there weren’t. let’s see a man try to handle menstrual cramps and births!!!!

tell ur boyfreind to shove it men and women are equal and if he’s teasing u about it what does he expect u to do get a gender change!!!

Are you kidding me? I think girls are way better than boys. We are tougher than they think! We have to deal with way more than they do. Don’t let any of that &quot:ME MAN YOU WOMAN&quot: stuff get to ya. We are just as good as they are. Maybe even better! tee hee.

no you should dump him there is no way men are better than women he is too controlling and you should not be with someone who thinks they are superior just because of their sex

i would Chuck him that pic is terrible i would not waste my time Debating with a worm like him

i would dump your boyfriends cocky *** &amp: move on.

&amp: ps-&gt: just cause were built differently doesnt mean that one sex is better than the other one.

did you ask this same question like days ago ? and no they are both the same

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