Why would Hezbollah fire four rockets into Israel?

It makes no sense, if you are going to attack Israel, why fire 4 firecrackers? Why not fire a 100 rockets?

Ask Israel the same question, if you’re going to attack and kill Gaza civilians, why not bomb a Gaza school and kill 30 children? Oh wait… nevermind…

hezbollah did not fire the rockets

hezbollah is known for taking responsibility for their actions and i think it was hassan nasrallah or a spoksman of hezbollah said &quot: we are not scared of you’z (israel) but we did not fire any rockets to you&quot:

and hezbollah wont attack israel unless israel attacks first like the war in 2006

Because it’s BS and Israel using the &quot:rocket&quot: excuse to attack Lebanon now.

israeland u s a are terrorist states and now there is no doubt about it , they have killed a 100 time more innocent civillians than any so called &quot:terrorists&quot:
u n o is nothing but a puppet of america and america is controlled by zionist terrorists,
all the asian and muslim countries must unite to destroy these two terrorist countries.
that is the only option awailable to free this world from all kind of terrorism

its all they have and want to feel that their God is bigger than thair God and the ridiculess neesss is given uus all a reason to feear,, knowinnning that our GOd is bigge and in thar will be an end and kick allll thosse azzes because,, simply because,,
love our brothers and sisters, please

Testing the waters.

mmm it was not hezbollah,,, check the news!! actually Palestinians did it,,, hezobollah said that it will not attack israel except if israel attacks leb. …. anyway my heart goes to palestinians !! i wish i could so something!

It’s a threat I’m sure, but I doubt it working, Israel is fed up and will kill those who oppose her. i.e. Hamas.

They wouldn’t.

It’s a warning.

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