Please rate my favourite movies?

I’m doing a Top 20. But it’s not definitive or anything 🙂

Please rate them, say anything you like about them, just opinions really! (never asked this question before, thought it might be interesting).

In no particular order…

1. Inglourious Basterds
2. Dead Man’s Shoes
3. From Dusk till Dawn
4. Fargo
5. Reservoir Dogs
6. The Royal Tenenbaums
7. Battle Royale
8. An American Werewolf in London
9. The Thing
10. The Mist
11. Creepshow
12. The Departed
13. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
14. Black Hawk Down
15. Hot Fuzz
16. Whistle Down the Wind
17. Con Air
18. Pan’s Labyrinth
19. Love, Honour &amp: Obey
20. Sunshine

7.5/10 Inglourious Basterds
When I first watched this movie I wasn’t overly impressed, I think I paid too much attention to the hype surrounding it and forgot to form an opinion from scratch. I’ve since re-watched it and really enjoyed it. The best part though was Christoph Waltz as Col. Hans Landa, one of the best evil performances I’ve ever seen, very nonchalant and blasГ© about the brutality and even more sinister for it.

8/10 Dead Man’s Shoes
I think we’ve discussed this film before! It’s superb, Paddy Considine played the role of rogue-hero Richard fantastically (without bravado as you accurately described him). Also a really moving ending, as he realises he has all but joined the dark side.

8/10 From Dusk till Dawn
Great film, George Clooney is like Brad Pitt for me, he’s so popular that it almost seems clichГ© to like him, but I find him so funny and genuine. However, Quentin Tarantino was the major selling point of this film for me, I love the guy as a director, and I think that, before seeing his performance as an actor, I had already decided I was going to love it. The film is funny, it’s exciting and the cast is fantastic.

8.5/10 Fargo
The dark-comedy genre massively appeals to me, and I love the Coen brothers’ direction. I also think Steve Buscemi is a hilarious man, but also convincing when serious, very talented and somewhat underrated actor. Frances McDormand (possibly spelt wrong, can’t be bothered to check) is one of my favourite actresses – I struggle to think of many that stand out a great deal – and she did really well in this movie.

8.5/10 Reservoir Dogs
Classic film, one of Tarantino’s best. Very clever, very cool and very funny. Mr White is my favourite character in this, but Mr Pink is also decent from what I remember. I haven’t watched this movie in absolutely ages so will re-watch soon. &quot:all those years f*cking punks up the asss I bet you’d love some prime rib&quot:.

9/10 Battle Royale
Super well-done movie, one of the only foreign language movies I’ve watched and I’m glad I did. I love the premise, reeeeeally engrossing. I love how the whole thing kinda drives the teacher insane, and I think it’s chilling as balls in the intro when the reporter is talking about the last ‘games’ and she’s like &quot:the winner has arrived, it’s a girl! It’s a little girl! And she’s smiling!&quot: – that girl’s smile, as she’s clutching the knackered teddy and coverered in blood is really effective.

-/10 An American Werewolf in London
I have very fond memories of watching this film, but not very many memories of the film itself! Whenever I stayed at my nan’s house as a kid, my cousins and I would watch this and all hide behind the sofa when he was changing into the wolf. I remember being absolutely terrified, and the only scene that sticks out in my mind is when he’s going down the escalator, presumably trying to get home as he’s turning. I would really like to watch this again as I’ve heard it’s quite funny which I never picked up on.

9.5/10 The Departed
Watched it recently for the first time and it’s straight in my top 10 films. I love the cast firstly- Mark Wahlberg is probably my favourite actor, Matt Damon is somewhere near the top and Leo Dicaprio is growing on me fast. I love the part where Leo is ‘arresting’ Matt Damon on the roof towards the end, and that guy comes along and shoots him, then the black cop shoots the guy that shot Leo, and then to top it all off, Mark Wahlberg comes in and blasts Damon, funny.

9.5/10 One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
Easily Jack Nicholson’s best performance – I would say ‘to date’ but I can’t see him pulling anything better off in this lifetime. Jack Nicholson really cracks me up, he’s got something very charming about him and he’s really convincing in all of his roles. I love the ending – when Nurse Ratshit gives the poor guy a lobotomy and Chief puts him out of his misery before powering his way to freedom – is one of the most moving scenes in any film I’ve seen.

7.5/10 Hot Fuzz
Really funny, very British film. I love the duo, and I love how Nick Frost has a massive DVD collection ha ha – &quot:have you ever pointed your gun in the air and gone ‘ahhh’?&quot:. I really like how Simon Pegg is a super-cop and they send him to a pokey little village because he’s ‘making the rest of us look bad’ ha ha ha.

7.5/10 Con Air
Ha ha, glad this made it into your ‘top 20’. There’s no shame in loving Con Air! I’m not a huge fan of Nic Cage but I loved him in this movie. I also thought John Malcovich was verrrrrry good as Cyrus the Virus. I just looked this movie up and saw that it got the Golden Raspberry award for &quot:Worst Reckless Disregard for Human Life and Public Property&quot: ha ha. &quot:Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. I have the only gun on board. Welcome to Con Air.&quot:

1. Inglourious Basterds 8
2. Dead Man’s Shoes 8
3. From Dusk till Dawn- Did not view
4. Fargo 10
5. Reservoir Dogs 8
6. The Royal Tenenbaums 4
7. Battle Royale- Did not view
8. An American Werewolf in London 9
9. The Thing 8
10. The Mist 7
11. Creepshow 6
12. The Departed 9
13. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest 10
14. Black Hawk Down 10
15. Hot Fuzz 8
16. Whistle Down the Wind- Did not view
17. Con Air 8
18. Pan’s Labyrinth Did not view
19. Love, Honour &amp: Obey- Did not view
20. Sunshine 8

1. Inglourious Basterds 10
2. Dead Man’s Shoes 8
3. From Dusk till Dawn 8
4. Fargo 9
5. Reservoir Dogs 7
6. The Royal Tenenbaums 4
7. Battle Royale 10
8. An American Werewolf in London 10000 ( great )
9. The Thing 9
10. The Mist 7
11. Creepshow 8
12. The Departed 10
13. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest 10 ( super great )
14. Black Hawk Down 9
15. Hot Fuzz 9
16. Whistle Down the Wind 8
17. Con Air 10
18. Pan’s Labyrinth 7
19. Love, Honour &amp: Obey 4
20. Sunshine 9

1. Inglourious Basterds 8/10
2. Dead Man’s Shoes 7.5/10
3. From Dusk till Dawn 6/10
4. Fargo 5/10
5. Reservoir Dogs 9/10
6. The Royal Tenenbaums 7.5/10
7. Battle Royale -/10
8. An American Werewolf in London 7/10
9. The Thing 3.5/10
10. The Mist 4.5/10
11. Creepshow -/10
12. The Departed 9/10
13. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest 8.5/10
14. Black Hawk Down 6.5/10
15. Hot Fuzz 7.5/10
16. Whistle Down the Wind -/10
17. Con Air 4/10
18. Pan’s Labyrinth 6/10
19. Love, Honour &amp: Obey 6.5/10
20. Sunshine ….which one? Danny Boyle’s? 8/10

The ones I’ve seen…

Inglourious Basterds: 7
Fargo: 8
Reservoir Dogs: 8
The Royal Tenenbaums: 7
An American Werewolf in London: 9
The Thing: 10
The Mist: 6
One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest: 10
Pan’s Labyrinth: 7

Inglorious Basterds – 8/10 – was fun seeing it in theater.
2 – ?
From Dusk till Dawn – 7/10 – good old fashioned vampire slaying.
Fargo – Haven’t seen it but intend to.
Reservoir Dogs – 9/10 – probably my favorite Tarantino in terms of plot and acting.
6 – ?
Battle Royale – 7/10 – Island survival combined with paranoia and a healthy amount of action, not bad.
8 – Haven’t seen it.
The Thing – 8/10 – Deliciously gory and suspenseful. The special effects are top notch even by today’s standards (I never was a fan of copious amounts of CGI). The novella it’s based on is even better: I highly recommend it if you enjoyed the movie.
10 – 20 – Haven’t seen any of these.

1. Inglourious Basterds – i thought it was gonna be good.. but it was just watching nazis getting cut.. which i guess could be entertaining to some people.
2. Dead Man’s Shoes- dont know it
3. From Dusk till Dawn – havent seen it
4. Fargo – dont know it
5. Reservoir Dogs – dont know it
6. The Royal Tenenbaums – dont know it
7. Battle Royale – dont know it
8. An American Werewolf in London – havent seen it… yet
9. The Thing – LOL
10. The Mist – most annoying movie ever! the ending! OH MY GOD! ITS JUST OH MY GOD! i felt like crying for ever.
11. Creepshow – havent seen it
12. The Departed – havent seen it
13. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest – dont know it
14. Black Hawk Down – dont know it
15. Hot Fuzz – one of THE most funniest movies i have EVER seen. love it!
and i dont know the rest.

I’ve only seen two of them, Hot Fuzz and Pan’s Labyrinth (I recorded Battle Royale ages ago but haven’t got round to watching it yet). I really like both films. I’d say Pan’s Labyrinth was better in terms of character and technical stuff, but Hot Fuzz is a lot more fun to watch — I love comedy 🙂 I’d probably give them both 8 or 9/10.

Some are amazing, some ok, some bad

meh theyre nah, i like a few but the rest are meh

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