’99 VW Passat: regular gas or premium required? Thank You!?

In my experience, VW’s always run better on premium.

For many years most of the engines in use in VW vehicles sold in the North American market have required premium fuel. On the gas door it may say premium fuel required, or it may say 91 octane fuel. In either case, its premium fuel.

European manufacturers have tried to keep the engine size down due to tax issues, in many countries the larger the engine the higher the road taxes are. It used to be that under 2.0 liter motors got a big break in taxes, but that’s no longer true in most places.

In 1999, only the 2.0 liter non turbo motor and diesel motors did not require premium gasolene: the 2.0 runs very well on regular octane number of 87 (motor + research number divided by 2) and the diesel of course, runs on diesel fuel. In order to get performance out of a small motor, either you raise the compression ratio and advance the valve timing or you turbo or supercharge the motor. In VW’s case, the 1.8 motor is a turbo and the V6 has high compression and advanced valve timing.

You might be able to get away with a tank or so of regular or mid grade fuel once and a while: a constant diet of this will downgrade performance and also void the warranty. Engine ping could result from usage of a poor grade of fuel as well as a build up of carbon desposits. Cleaning of the combustion chamber to remove carbon is not covered under the power train warranty: I know, I had a customer try to claim for the expense with VW and was turned down …

Hope this helps, a car nut.

What does it require? Look at the gas cap or gas door. If it says premium required, then you MUST only use premium gas. If it says Premium Recommended, you can use whatever you want and mix octanes. It will not matter. If it says Regular recommended, you can also use any gas and it will not matter. Premium gas does not help with gas mileage or make your car more reliable. Instead, it adds about 5 horse power. Premium gas is required for turbocharger, superchargered, modified, high compression, high revving, or powerful engines. All Luxury cars usually require premium fuel, but check your gas cap. My car just needs regular so I use regular. And when I feel like racing and need the extra 5HP, I get premium gas.

You could use either one.
I have found out that by using premium gas the car tends to run better.
But, in terms of picking which one, neither will do any harm

Regular.The person’s that said,premium will not hurt your engine.There wrong! I don’t have time to tell you,who what and why.I’m a master mechanic.Belive them,and one day,you will hear the word.Carbon!By the way.The person,that said.Yes if turbo.He or she,is right.That part you left out.

it should say right inside your gas cap..but im pretty sure its premium!

if its turbo, premium

if its regular, regular.

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