Will the GOP apologize to President Obama, Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton and the?

American people when they learn these three outstanding Americans have not been involved in any dereliction of duty?

They haven’t even apologized for doctoring those emails they sent to the press. These people are insane.

They should also apologize for wasting $55,000,000.00 on voting to repeal ObamaCare 37 times, knowing it’d go nowhere. 88 hours and $55,000,000.00. Wasted. And my guess is when you factor in the time it took them to yap about it behind closed doors, rather than working on..oh, say JOBS, it’s quite a bit more.

Obama said he wants to &quot:fundamentally transform&quot: America. How can he possibly love America if he wants to completely change it?

Eric Holder Said Americans need to be &quot:brainwashed&quot: against guns.

Hillary said it doesn’t make a difference why 4 Americans died in Benghazi.

LOL apologize for what? Exposing their ignorance and illegal activities? Nope…..won’t happen.

I demand an apology from them for spitting on my country and her values.

NO why should they, and when will YOU learn the buck stops with them for their dismal failures

Just because you deny any knowledge of what you were involved in, doesn’t excuse your LIES!

Will they (and you) apologize to the rest of us when their lies and corruption are exposed?

No, Because they have no class. It been wrongful goings on for a while and they owe him.

we are truly sorry for your stupidity



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