Do you prefer winter or summer?


depends on where you are. i hate summer in australia and winter in the eastern america/canada

Where I am now summer is impossible to bear because of the high temperatures, so I’ll have to say winter

Summer. You can do more. Swim, surf, hang out washing without it getting drenched and make it smell like rain water.

But that’s in Australia I guess.

Late Summer, especially August because its still summer but its colder and starts getting dark by then

Summer. I hate the cold and the snow.

Probably winter. Summer here is often too hot

Definitely winter. Even the British winter. I hate heat so I kinda hate summer too.


Winter*…be true..puts me in cuddle mode..I have always been this way..even as a teen..

do not like sweaty..in just everything …ugh..! *..sighs..anyway..

I do love the flowers of the summer..they bloom ..and make the

yuk…pass..into nothingness…

But,the snows….are magical..a sparkling..heavenly…beauty..when

you know,how to touch them…~*


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