Do you have any contacts who don’t answer your questions anymore or they answer very rarely?

Also what’s the whole point of having contacts if they don’t answer your questions?

Now, see, that’s a VERY good question, as I have posted 3 (THREE!) questions this week, (and for the first time in a VERY long time!) And, almost NONE of my &quot:contacts&quot: have answered them: INCLUDING YOU: I might add….}:&gt:
…AND Ms. T……
I rarely ask questions, I thought this place was named &quot:ANSWERS&quot:…
I thought the point of having contacts was stating admiration, and keeping up with what each is &quot:up to&quot:.
I am also guilty of not answering ALL of my contacts’ questions: sometimes I have no idea what the answer might be. Sometimes (MOST times) I simply don’t have the time, and I’m not always fast enough. Some of my contacts &quot:hit the ground running&quot:: they post TEN questions at a time, and I just don’t have the computer capability.(speed-wise) Also, I share this computer with two other people who live here: they seem to feel they should have some time with it too. Go figure.
What, if you don’t mind my asking: is YOUR excuse?? HMMMM? }:&gt:

Yeah…I have quite a few that became a contact…then never heard from them again! I think it’s just weird when they do that! I have lots of them that do answer my questions on a regular basis and I them &amp: made some really good friends in the process, but the others are just there! I think some people just add you so they can have the numbers &amp: that’s it! I think I need to do some serious &quot:contact housecleaning&quot: of my own…just for that reason!!! lol =D

That’s a good question. I don’t know why some contacts pick you if they have no interest in answering your questions. I think some of them get over 100 contacts and can’t keep up.
I would think that means you may have too many contacts.

i did!but i did a &quot:contact cleaning&quot:!i know that they don’t have to answer all my questions,but when i see that my contacts haven’t answered any of my questions in over a month,and i haven’t answered any if theirs,i just remove them from my contact list!!and these people had asked to be my contact!there is no point in having 200 contacts and you don’t hear from them or you don’t answer anything of theirs!it could mean that they don’t like your questions or they are trolls!either way,they get removed!i don’t do it to be mean,it just makes sense!this past month i have removed 100 contacts!and if sby doesn’t want me,then they should remove me!i have made new contacts that like my questions and i like theirs,and that is the whole point in having contacts!

Maybe they are like me. I don’t really understand the concept of contacts thoroughly. Someone makes you a contact and you have to answer questions whether you think you can or not? maybe this was a person who’s questions you would
never have answered. How does this work?

i have many contacts but very few answer my questions =(
i feel the same, i give 10 points just for those contacts who do answer my questions, if no contacts answer, then to best answer
I’m not always able to answer my contacts questions that answer mine cuzz i don’t know the answer but i will give them a star
i also give thumbs up to everyone who answers my question except trolls and vulgar one

I know what you mean. Yes, there are a few of my contacts who don’t answer my questions. I will do another clean up shortly. There are also people who ask to add me, but they don’t ask questions, so there’s no point there either. Oh well.

A few, I’ve deleted most of them. Besides the contacts that usually answer my questions, I only kept the friends and/or the ones that ask good questions, that I like to answer. 🙂

Yes.. A few of them seem to be answering less often. They are probably just busy.. It’s not really a big deal to me. Having contacts doesn’t necessarily mean they have to answer my questions..

I have some contacts who never have never answered any of my questions and never asked questions themselves. I am thinking about removing them from my contact list.

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