Why does full screen lag in all video players?

Hi. It may have been asked already before. But I haven’t found a solution. Whether it be Youtube, downloaded movies online, any video player. When in full screen, it lags and the video quality just SUCKS. But regardless of my machine I have, I don’t think it should matter. I still have an old Sony Vaio RB42G with a Pentium 4 cpu, 2gb ram, and a low budget GeForce GT210. I first bought this GT210 because I wanted it to play Left 4 Dead 2. But now I don’t play it, and just use it for home browsing, homework, reports, etc. But everything else is good, just the videos that are played lag, a lot lately. I use AT&amp:T DSL, and I also did a Internet Speed Test, my Download Speed came out to, 1.05 mbps, Upload Speed came out to, 0.27mbps. Compared to other speed tests I’ve seen. It seems very low. Should I ask my ISP why it’s so low? I have their basic plan for DSL. Do I need to upgrade, maybe? Please help, does Download Speed and Upload Speed, have anything to do with my problem with full screen lag? Thanks!

When you go to youtube, play a video and as it’s playing right click above the video and either disable or enable hardware acceleration. For me some videos don’t work at all in full screen unless I disable hardware acceleration.

Furthermore, uninstall the latest flash plugin .. Flash Player 11 has issues with playback so you want to install Flash Player 10 instead and reboot your system.

Ignore the Flash Player outdated notice. It should solve your problem.

As far as Internet speed go to speedtest.net

You should have minimum 10 Mbps down and at least 1 Mbps up. I recommend 20 to 30 Mbps down which is usually what they refer to as turbo Internet. You may also want to use cable Internet for greater stability and avoid wi-fi on slower connections.

Lastly, you can disable schedules tasks and other applications running in the background taxing your Internet speed.

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