Is it wise to opt for marriage?

Lets look at it purely on paper (or in this case screen lol)
You gain nothing you do not already have from marriage. You have all the stuff you are going to get right now.
So there is no extra benefit to you as a man.
Marriages have a high percentage today of divorce.
One consequence of divorce can be alimony in usa. (the longer you are with them the more you pay.)
You also run the risk of losing your own home, generally the woman gets it or at least half of it. Which is also meaning half of everything you own is paid to her upon divorce, simply because you married her.
Child support – is irrelevant, any sane man will support his own kids and certainly only have them when he is certain he can support them all the way past uni. Nothing to do with marriage.

So from that perspective marriage is a non viable option if you have assets and wealth, a womans only value is her looks and sex. Either of them stop marriage over and a huge 8 digit payout to her. No thank you.
So no its unwise in today’s world to opt for marriage.

Depends on the situation and the couple. If you are just &quot:opting&quot: for it, it’s probably not a good idea. It should be a strong DESIRE for both parties, not just a matter of choosing option A (marry) or option B (don’t marry).

It depends on what you want and how you approach life. For example I wanted kids, a traditional family and a partner in life because I am better at taking care of others than taking care of myself. But more importantly I knew if I didn’t the best ones would all get snatched up and the remainder would be the less attractive or nutballs you wouldn’t want to date no matter how hot they were. I mean I knew I didn’t want to be an old lonely man without family.

Depends on a lot of things. Couples who live together do not have the same rights as married couples when it comes to things like making medical decisions if the other partner is incapacitated, inheritance, insurance benefits, etc

Then there are other issues. My brother and his girlfriend of 8 years bought a house together. They broke up and my brother moved out. Yet he’s still responsible for half of the mortgage even though she’s living there with her new boyfriend. She refuses to sell her half to my brother and refuses to sell the house, and she has no money to buy out his half. Had they been married and got a divorce, if they could not agree on one buying out the other, the judge would have ordered the house to be sold and the proceeds split 50/50. But since they were not married, a judge can’t order this. So now my brother is stuck paying 50% of a mortgage on a house he doesn’t even live in. I keep telling him to move back in with his new girlfriend since he’s paying for it — and maybe his ex will finally agree to sell her half to him or sell the house completely. But nothing can force either to sell since they were not married

In another case, I know a couple who were together for 17 years and he got into a serious accident and was in a coma. His girlfriend could not make any medical decisions on his behalf as they were not married. That was up to his alcoholic, abusive father who he had been estranged from for 30 years. Luckily he pulled through but once he woke up, she had the minister at the hospital come and marry them so she could start making decisions.

Marriage and family law is all based on property law, to be married is the be someone else possession, I guess if you want someone to legally own you then you should.

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