To christians, jews, muslims and any others of any faith based religion.?

How come religious people like to call evolution riddiculous and improbable when they believe in water turning into blood, talking bushes, snakes and donkeys. Walking on water, resurrection, two of every animal on an arc, world wide flood, spirit wars between angels and demons and magical beings in the sky watching and judging our every move. Magical lands of happiness and of suffering and a whole lot of other nonesense.

Why do you not apply the same rational thinking to your beliefs that you do to every other thing in life ? How can you have the audacity to say the big bang and evolution are irrational, have you read the bible?

I get so irritated when i have to defend my beliefs to people who belief in fantastical things. And they act as if im being irrational, narrow minded and not really thinking.

Saying something is done by magic shows a weak grasp on reality. People look for magical answers when they dont really understand the concept at hand. Saying magic did it is so much easier than finding the actual answer and people have been using magic to explain things but science has proven that most things arent magic and arent done by gods or God.

Its a matter of time before we know for certain that god didnt create life, just like they proved that volcano gods dont cause eruptions, earth gods dont cause earthquakes and demons dont cause illness.

Even if its proven most religious people will stubbornly stick to the beliefs and ignore all reason because the have put so many connotations on the word faith and made it mean more than it actually does. Having faith is simply wishful thinking nothing more dont try and make like having faith means your deep and your pushing the envelope of human spirituality and understanding. Your no closer to any truth with faith the a 5 year old child is. It is sad that people today still believe in things like hell which is what i’d expect from people like the vikings or barbarians and heaven come on doesnt it sound just to elaborate, its a perfect place with perfect everything and we all live happily ever after.

I apologize if i sound derogitory but there comes a point where one must just say that you know what that is complete nonesense. Why do i have to show religion respect when religious people are able to speak their mind about science and insult it as if we’re stupid to believe it fully.

The universe wasnt created theres no reason why it would be, i have never seen anything be created before, things just change and move around. Its more likely that the universe was just there than if an infinitely complex magical being was just their and it magically created it. I dont know what happens after death, scientists could easily say we go to the land of horses and lollipops and put that in text books, but theres no way to know for sure so why bother speculating. If they did we’d start having denominations of science, where some believe in different scenarios after death.

I doubt any religious person would have read this far. Anything that sparks doubt is considered to be caused by satan. Any doubt is considered either weak faith or satans influence and the only cure is becoming more religious. This is a powerful delusion, one im glad to have reasoned out of.

Yet here you are assuming that EVERY faith-based religion denies evolution.

Figure out why you made that astounding leap and all of your other condescending, WRONG generalizations and maybe you’ll understand fundamentalism better.

Because you, my dear, are acting exactly like a fundamentalist.

Well, it’s simple, actually. Evolutionists have a handful of naturalist mechanisms, and they insist that these mechanisms can account for all variation of life coming from a common ancestor. Personally, I do not believe that these mechanisms (Natural selection, mutation, etc.) are enough to explain how whales, apes, and bats came from a common ancestor. We see a huge, astronomical amount of order in the world, and evolutionists want to say that a very little amount of order caused it to happen. And we simply do not see that anywhere in the world. The way I see it, traditional evolution is disproportionate thinking. They need more mechanisms.

Religious people, on the other hand, believe in God. So, when we talk about water turning into wine, we don’t give you a handful of disproportionate explanations. We don’t say, &quot:well, he rubbed the glass really fast, and spit in it, and waited.&quot: We know there is no explanation for it! That is why it is called a miracle. We believe that God did it.

Therefore, logically speaking, we stand on solid ground (minding that belief in God is not inherently illogical — although some will insist that it is. It is not.)

Really, strict scientific minds can not say anything about the nature of magic. The work of a scientist is not involved with that. The subjects are vastly different: and really, statements like yours are the simple products of an ingnorant generation of people that pridefully insist that they have progressed beyond their ancestors in all walks of life. They know so much more than the foolish native american or the old superstituous jew, right? To you, the knowledge of the ancient is worthless, and I’m sorry that you feel that way.

You believe so strongly that science does so much for you. I’ll tell you what, I’d rather have the mind of a five year old when it comes to God, then the mind of a polished grad. student whose heart has been turned to stone. You think there is so much life in worldly knowledge, but all these things are the snares of death.

*** &quot:LET NO MAN DECEIVE HIMSELF. IF ANY MAN AMONG YOU SEEMETH TO BE WISE IN THIS WORLD, LET HIM BECOME A FOOL, THAT HE MAY BE WISE.&quot: *** &quot:Because the foolishness of God is wiser than men: and the weakness of God is stronger than men.&quot: ***

God is THE creator. To think that someone, like an artist would stop creating after one creation is nonsense. If you could create what he did, would the thought of variations strike you as interesting? Evolution is not false by my understanding. You just fail to realize the motivation behind it. What urges something to try an arm rather than a wing? We were given the gift of creativity. The same way we get excited at that cool shot that pulls us into photography, or sculpting, or whatever else is what God goes through. You just put a label on it so you can understand the process rather than the motive.

You will never prove God did not create life.

Why do we need reasons for the universe to be created? Does the sun need a reason to be orange when it sets, or the grass to be green or peaches to be sweet? Everything has its reasons. However you won’t say &quot: I don’t know the reason, but I will ask God&quot: rather than &quot: I don’t know the reason, but scientists are working on it&quot:

Its your choice to believe whatever you see fit. But contrary to MANY &quot:christians&quot: God can and will speak to you if you know how to talk to him. He will show you things not known to any other person. I’ve been shown times was gauged by event rather than actual time when the earth was created. One day could have been millions of years. There are countless things you will never comprehend but can if you go to the correct source.

I am a muslim.There is nothing as evolution in Islam and I agree with the Quran and Islam. And my brain asks why no evolution is taking place nowadays? nothing evolved in past 2000 yrs.

you think Allah didnt create life. According to science the big bang happened and everything was a small concenterated point(atom? im not sure).I believe in big bang. Who created this atom? Allah.
You cant say universe came out of nowhere/space.

And oneness of Allah is his feature so believing that there are more that one God is absurd because Allah/god the greatest(have you heard of any two tallest buildings in the world?) Allah is most supreme ,Allah is most Merciful.

Its like &quot:A man conceived&quot: Is it possible?

Its ridiculous to believe that the universe was built for nothing, it came into existence for no reason?

Allah says BE it will be

Tell me one thing &quot:If I put you in an underground room(dark) for a few days,locked up but with all necessary things(but no clock/calenders) and open after some days, I am sure you will be no knowing the date. Allah will be knowing.Allah is all wise.

What if all humans on earth are put in such a room and in the meantime everything outside is destroyed, and removed after couple of years. NOBODY WILL KNOW WHICH YEAR IS CURRENT. ONLY ALLAH WILL KNOW

Dates are just reference points and God/Allah dosent need reference points.

Think of someone who dosent born,who was always there,who dosent die.

Are you getting me?

Islam agrees with evolution. Read the Quran and you will see. I am encouraged to question the Quran when there is something in it I think might be in conflict with science I look it up and find out I’m wrong and science strengthens my belief in the Quran and god.

I did read that far and nothing in there has dissuaded my belied or contradicted it apart from the whole there’s no reason why this universe has a creator part coz that’s your opinion.

I think part of it’s a generation thing. Past generations have taken religion very seriously and their highest priority…going to church every Sunday, being involved in church activities, reading family devotions at home. I don’t know why, but some people are just more relaxed about religion these days and it’s not as much of a priority for them. Good question.

Not ALL Christians claim that evolution is ridiculous…

Just the ones who claim to believe that every word in the Bible should be taken literally (such as water turning into blood: talking bushes, snakes and donkeys: walking on water: resurrection: two of every animal on an arc and world wide flood.)

Many see Genesis as WHAT God did and evolution as HOW God did it.

I don’t call evolution ridiculous or improbable. I simply call it an unproven theory.

1. Evolution has no clue as to the Origin of Life, i.e., how the whole thing started.
2. The missing link is still missing. There should be billions of missing links laying about.
3. There is no evidence for One Species evolving into another species.

For You to believe in Evolution so blindly, despite not knowing the above three facts, causes me to believe you are the delusional one.

Peace bro.

You are irrationally confusing the actions of some of the followers of the religious personages you site and those personages themselves and what they have been reported as having taught.

Further you are making blanket statements and generalizations that you can not support based upon the various scriptures involved as your statements are only your opinions and are based upon misinterpretations of the various scriptures (although I doubt that you have read the Torah / Tenakh in Hebrew, the New Testament in Greek, the Bhagavad Gita and other Vedic literature or the Pali Cannon in Sanskrit or the Holy Qur’an in Arabic) based upon interpretation of others who may themselves be in error.

Sadly your apparent knowledge of physics, quantum mechanics, the development of the Cosmos, the social history of mythology and its anthropological purpose seems as weak as you knowledge of comparative theology.

This makes it rather difficult, especially due to the constraints and limitations of this forum to have an intelligent discourse with you as to the points you have given rise to by your post.


Yes, sometimes I think.. what in the world????? Flying carpets? Magical horses? Fiery chariots? Talking snakes?

Did it really really happen that way or is it explanations of things they saw but had no words for? Like the fiery chariot- a UFO???? Fire came down from heaven and annilated an altar and even the stones… laser weapon from the ship?

Did Mohammed just have temporal lobe epilepsy? Ancient people did think the mad were &quot:touched by the gods&quot: after all. http://www.faithfreedom.org/Articles/sin…

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