Do you think the Cavalier fans were right for burning LeBron James’ jersey?

I personally think its bull, and that whoever burned his jersey were not true fans. They only cared about the city, not the team, not LeBron. So give me your opinion on the burning of LeBron James’ jersey.

They’re mental, that just proves it.

well, i can understand if ur in a affectionate relationship to burn items with sentimental value, if things go sour. But over free agency in the nba? comeon. I believe Cleveland fans think that lebron belonged to them and tend to forget that its a business. Appreciate what the man has done for the last 7 years although he came short for a championship. But at the same time shame on u lebron, u really just turned ur back on ur fans, city, team, and the organization when u didnt compete at most important last 2 games of ur career . The fans deserved to witness u contend for a championship, and u just gave up and played ur worst in the biggest stage of ur current career.

Wtf are u talking about? they had every right to burn his jersey, y not? This man single handedly betrayed this town, his team, his fans, his management, and his family. What are the cavs supposed to do know?????? Lebron told us, he told this city that he would stay here untill he won us a title, he gaurenteed it!!!! I watched that day 3 years ago when he said he’d always play here!! He told the Gm, the owner all the management he’d stay here, so when he just decided to leave what do they do know? And dont say thats there problem, cas even if he did leave, the cavs cant spend any money to go out and bring in new players, thry cant do that, because they have no money now!!!!!!!!! For the last 6 years theyve brought in every player lebron has asked them too!! wether they wanted these guys or not, if lebron asked for a name, theyd give him the money and he’d play for the cavs. So all this work to bring in guys for lebron for him to win a title all wasted, and now we have no money to get anyone else. Lebron JAmes will go down as the number 1 enemy in cleveland history.. Akron his own home will hate him too, and he doesnt even realize he cant return there!! if u thought burning jerseys was bull, not only he cant live there his mom cant live there, His house i can gaurentee will be burned down. lol, it just will happen, and i cant say he doesnt deserve that.

To all the people who say were not true fans? I was never a lebron fan ive always been a cavs fan, and anyone on that team i would back, and be a fan of. But to do something that bad and wrong to your own home town??? Man have a heart, how can one person be so heartless. Your odviously not a true fan if you would not be angry about this.

Absolutely. They are true fans. True Cavs fans and proved they aren’t Lebron jock riders.

But it was the way Lebron James left that ticked them off. If he simply said he was leaving a long time ago and said why, I don’t think things would be that bad in Cleveland, just a very sombersome environment instead of the chaos last night.

Cavs &quot:fans&quot: are rightfully devastated – but stupidly following in the footsteps of Dan Gilbert. Gibert’s outburst is worthy of being one of the biggest all-time dummy spits of sporting history. A true fan of LeBron would follow him no matter what jersey he wears – so no: these people are stupid sheep who chose the wrong band wagon to jump on – they should have joined the 1 man Kobe show years ago.

Always have loved Miami since Zo first signed – they were not much different to the Cavs a few years back. The difference – an owner with his head screwed on and the genius of the legendary Pat Riley.

They shouldn’t have burned his jersey. But Lebron shouldn’t have acted like an azzhole. I’m not a Cavs or LeBron fan but if he didn’t want to come back clearly he should have let the organization know. He kept stringing them on continually saying how cavs have the edge and he knew he wasn’t coming back. But sucks for Cavs this makes Miami alot better. Now they need a bench.

No, it was a bit much..
But what did Lebron care about?
Not the city, not the team, but himself

It works both ways here. The ppl there are true Cleveland fans, who care about the city as a whole, so I dont blame them for being angry

I think if they paid $40 for the jersey, they can do whatever the hell they want with it. Those Cavs fans put money in that guys pocket year after year, and for LeBron to repay them for their loyalty by humilating them infront of 20 million viewers is classless and disgusting.

people seem to think they own him he a player he gave cleveland 7 good years if they wanted a championship they should have got him some help business is business u go where it benefits you and as far as the owner call him a coward he wasn’t one when u fork over 60 million you azz wipe
and i don’t think cleveland will ever see a ring

i 100% agree with you it’s not right there not True fans at all. not only that but i think hes retiring his number so in the future a #23 LBJ jersey would be worth a lot. i just don’t get why people would do that it’s his decision and people need to learn to appreciate what he thinks is good for him the cavs owner was saying hes selfish when hes done SO much for cleveland and the organization and local areas around cleveland and there the ones burning his jersey and ripping things of him apart people should be respecting him for what hes done for cleveland and just be happy!

They wasn’t wrong. Its only a jersey. Not like it’s gonna affect in his game or something…. Besides the dumb *** who owns the jersey paid all that money to buy it and now it’s gone….LOL

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