Are there any names on your list you like only as a middle name and would not consider for a first name? +BQ!?

I’ve recently realized that quite a few of the middle names on my favorites list are not names I would probably ever consider as first names. So I’m wondering if anyone else can relate. If so, what are the names?

BONUS QUESTION: Baby Namers, what country do you live in? At the bottom of the page in questions, I often see This question was originally asked in New Zealand or whatever country the asker asked in. I think it’s so interesting that us baby namers are all over the world! I didn’t realize this until somewhat recently. I live in the U.S. and I always assumed everyone else did as well. But I realize how wrong I was! So, what country do you live in?

Lol, like they say, us Americans are quite geocentric…=/. I find it quite nice to have a diversity in the section. It gives a greater variety of opinions and thoughts.

Yes, I have a few names that I’d only use as a middle:

— Josephine (g): I have personal connotations with the names &quot:Jose&quot: and &quot:Joseph&quot: (more so &quot:Jose&quot:), which make me a bit hesitant using it as a first. I also dislike that the potential nickname &quot:Josie&quot:.

— Joy(ce) (g): I find it too cutesy and not very appealing as a first, though I love it as a middle! It honors a family friend.

— Maeve (g): I’m not too keen on it as a first. I think I slightly find it just a bit too boring as a first…I do love it as a middle, however. It gives almost any first name a bit of spunk, lol 🙂

— Georgia (g): I have a personal connotation with this name as well (though she spells it Giorgia), so I don’t think I will use it as a first. I’ve never considered it until I saw your question on it! It works quite well as a middle.

— Tessa (g): It’s not as traditional as my other girls’ names, so I feel that it just doesn’t pull off well…I love it as a middle though – it’s unexpected, quirky, and fun. I also placed it in the middle name slot, as the initials (CT, first and middle) honor special individuals.

— Gabriel (b): I dislike that, at least in my area, people pronounce the name incorrectly. Instead of (GAY-bree-uhll), people say (GAB-bree-el). I also have it placed as a middle to honor the initials of a family friend (EG). And, it honors an additional, friend, so it just seems to work in the middle name slot.

— Henry (b): I love the name, though I can’t see myself using it as a first. I love it as a middle name – it’s perfect!

— Elliot (b): I find the ‘elle’ sound a tad bit feminine, though in general, the name is quite masculine. I prefer in the middle name slot just for the fact that it adds substance to the first. It’s also unexpected, which I adore.

— Grant (b): Similar to Henry, I love the name, though I can no longer see myself using it as a first.

I kind of rambled on…haha, sorry! What about you? 🙂

Yes I completely understand, there are a lot of names that I would use for a middle name but would never think about using them as first names. I am just really picky about a first name because a middle name is the place that I usually put a family name or a name that I really like but could never use as a a first name. Here are my examples:

Faith: I love this name, but I just don’t think that it works with my last name, if I were to use it for a first name. Faith Brown just doesn’t seem as pretty as Annabelle Faith Brown to me, I think that it would also be really hard to find a middle name for Faith.
Melody: This is such a pretty name to me, but I know a little girl with this name, and although I have thought about using it as a first name, I just feel that it fits better in the middle name slot. I have it on my list as Lilia Melody.
Jean: I don’t know if I will use this even for a middle name but it is a family name on both sides of our family and I know that it would be special, but I just can’t find a name that I love it with that my husband also loves it with. I do like it with Alyssa Jean or Natalie Jean, but both names have been vetoed.
Claire: I think this is such a simple and beautiful name, but it is one syllable and although it sounds better than Faith with our last name Claire Brown seems alittle boring to me.
Elizabeth: This is my aunt’s middle name and I think that it is very classy but I would never use it as a first name because it is so common, it would be pretty with a shorter first name though.

Alexander: I like this name because this is the name of the person that helped Jesus carry the cross to calvary and I adore Landon Alexander but Alexander just doesn’t cut it for a first name for me, it just seem to common.
Jacob: I adore this name but with it being so common I could never bring myself to use it as a first name because our last name is also so common. It is also my brother’s middle name.

Great Question!!!

I definitely get what your’e talking about! I have a lot of names I match with my favorite names because I think it sounds good, but I would never use as a first name. For instance:
–Elise. Sophia Elise is one of my fave combos, but I wouldn’t ever use Elise as a first name.
–Clare. I love the name Madeleine Clare, but I definitely wouldn’t use Clare are a first name.
–Jean: I love Stella Jean, but the name Jean isn’t actually a fave of mine.
–Aurora: I actually don’t really like this name, but I love Charlotte Aurora
–Isaac: I use this in William Isaac, but wouldn’t use it as a first name
–Sebastian: I love this name, but as a first name I wouldn’t use it (love James Sebastian)
–Michael: I know this is super popular, which is why I wouldn’t use it as a first name, but I like it as a middle name with a lot of my names (Asher Michael and Caleb Michael) plus it honors my uncle.

I live in the good ol US of A.


I think I would use most of the middle names I have as first names excpet Jane, Mary, Amelia, Clare, Melinda &amp: Quinn.

I live in the US! 🙂

Edit: I forgot boys! Haha. I wouldnt use most of them. I wouldnt use James, Thomas, Robert, Egan or Joseph.

The first thing I did was scroll to the bottom of the page, and I can’t find it! 🙁
Maybe just because we’re both in the U.S. but I’ll be checking on whatever questions I answer now… haha

I definitely have names that I would only use as middle names. Mostly because they’re after people… I mean, I wouldn’t want to name my child the exact name of someone important to me, but it fits the middle name slot with ease.

Girls —

• Shelia (my aunt, pronounced the same as &quot:Sheila&quot:)
• Christine (family name)
• Elizabeth (family name…my middle name!)
• Alese (amazing friend)
• Breanne (after Breanne Düren from Owl City :D)
• Eisley (eyes-lee. friends last name… I’ve only heard it used as a first name once, and it’s way too odd for a first name IMO)
• LaRue/Reuelle (Rue/Reu has significance that would take forever to explain…haha)
• Helen (family name)
• Jane (family name)
• Michelle (best friend)
• Shea (friends last name)
• Lindsay (somewhat of a mentor)
• Justine (friend)
• Roxanne (just someone significant)
• Gabrielle (another someone significant…NO, not significant in a sexual way, people)
• Desperate attempts to find something similar to Jessica, the name of another friend/person that I would meet with.. names like Jessamy, Jessilene, Jessamine…
• Kristin (best friends middle name)
• Emily (friend)

Others that have almost no reason…
• Mireille (mee-RAY) / Mireia (mee-RAY-uh)
• Colette/Cosette
• Marcheline
• Marguerite
• Joliet (city in Alaska, but I love the similarity to Juliet)
• Dominique
• Elaine
• Yvette
• Viola

Boys —

• Whitt (um…after a dog… haha, is that pitiful?)
• Bennett (my cousin’s name is Ben)
• Adam (after Adam Young from Owl City)
• Marshall (after a friend)
• Martin (after another friend, somewhat like a &quot:big brother&quot: kind of friend)
• Travis (family friend)
• Shane (family friend)
• Scott (friend)
• Christian (friend)
• Caleb (friend/youth group leader, similar situation to Christian)

No apparent meaning…
• Dean
• Alouicious (okay, so I probably wouldn’t even use this as a middle name… but doesn’t it make just the ultimate pet middle name or something?? so very fun… al-oh-ish-iss/al-oo-ish-iss)
• Nolan
• Landon
• Crispin

Very fun question. I…included too much. 😛 Surprisingly, none of these names are from &quot:friends I went to school with&quot: (excluding Michelle/Kristin, but I haven’t gone to school with her since Freshman year, because she moved). Most are friends that made some sort of difference, or that were closer than just &quot:day-to-day&quot: school friends that I basically just became the one that they would talk to because they knew I would listen… haha, more people that I look up to and loved being around.

— Amy

Yes, I would never use Leah as a first name, because I just don’t like it that much, but I like it as a middle name. Same with Lilith and Nichole.

BQ: I am in Canada 🙂

Yes, mostly they are family names though, so I will use them as middle names but not as first names…Roselle, Ralph, Vaughan and Simon are a few examples! 🙂

BQ- Right now I am in the UK (my home, just back for the holidays) but I live in China, I am heading back there in 10 days!


Um thise names would probably be Eloise, Mercury and Rose

i don’t know, i usually think of middle names until later

i live in the U.S. too!

my middle names are boring….but i would NEVER use them as first names…too common!

boys: alexander, lee, thomas and joseph…i also kind of like james, austin and mikel as middle names…out of those i’d only use austin as a first name

girls: eleese, elisabeth, joy, grace, lee, raye, jane, anne, hope, kay, noelle, faith, paige, marie, lyn, nikole, michelle, jordin, elizah, harloe, and mckenzi…though i would use most of those as first names…the only ones i wouldn’t use are…lee, joy, hope, kay, marie, and lyn…

here is my baby name list: http://babynames.com/namelist/9686799

and i’m from the USA…although i wish i were from somewhere exciting…paris, rome, somewhere beautiful with a lot of culture…i love england too…or what i’ve seen of it!

live in the us

Marie and Lyn are the main two.

I live in US (:

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