Is it legal for a company to repeteadly call someone who is not thier customer?

I have been receiving harassing phone calls from CompuCredit for up to a year. They are looking for my ex roommate.
I keep asking them to stop calling and I get a manager who assures me they never will again. But they do. Now thier calls are coming early in the morning and I can’t imagine it’s legal to continue to bother me when I don’t even have an account with them.
I contacted Better Business Bureau what else could I do?… asking them to stop hasn’t worked at all.

as stated above, the do not call list has nothing to do with your problem, but the fair debt collection agency does.
also, do they ever leave you a phone number? i had the same problem, and a got a toll free 800 number from the dork calling, and every time i got a call i hung up and called back on their 800 number and told them do not call me any more. of course, I have all the time in the world. I called them many times, and just let the phone sit and ask them to wait and look up thing, and when i called at night it got a recording that said leave a message so i put the phone by the radio and went and watched tv,and a couple hours later the line was still live and still recording. they got to pay for all that
i also send back all my junk mail in the postage paid return envelopes

Often a letter will have a much stronger effect then a phone call. I suggest you write to them a professional letter citing your complaint with their calls, the details of their harassment, and your intention to take legal action if it continues. Send this letter to them but also CC the letter to the Better Business Bureau, the attorney general of your state and the federal trade commission.
Keep a copy of the letter yourself and when I say CC I mean make sure that the letter they receive tells them everyone else you have contacted. Send this letter by registered mail to them at least and do send the other letters.
Now they will be harassed and they will probably never bother you again. Their calling you after you have requested that they stop is illegal and each time they call will cost them a substantial fine.

Note: Do not e-mail this. Send it in the US mail. Use no vulgarity or profanity or threats simply state all facts and your demand that they stop immediately.

The Do Not Call program doesn’t apply to creditors. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act governs creditor harassment. If you are receiving calls before 8 am and/or after 9pm local time, the creditor is in violation of the law and I would recommend filing a complaint with the FTC.

I would contact a lawyer. First I would record the calls, the time they come and the name of the callers and your statement to them that your room mate has moved and you want them to stop calling. Then I would sue the hell out of them and you will win. They will have to settle. It is not legal (assuming you live in the U.S.A.) to call anyone who is not a signator on a debt once they have been advised that person does not want to be called. One important note: If your phone shows your name as well as your room mates you must have his/her name taken off. They can’t help it if they call information for a number and keep being told that your number is the correct listing. That would be the only way they could defend a lawsuit.

Its a collection agency and even if it was your debt they cannot call if you so request. They have to take other avenues.

Write down the time in which they call. Write down that you told so and so &quot:do not call me&quot:. Get names, case numbers and such if you can. Ask for an address getting it anyway that you can, even sending a payment. Write a letter, have it notarized (free or 12.00 at the bank) and send it certified mail. If it gets there or not is not the point, you tried.

Then call the state attorney or you may even file a police report for harassment with your documentation. If you are angry enough you may sue them bigtime.

Record the conversation with you asking for the harassment to stop.

Next time it happens, file civil charges on harassment.

Make sure you send a registered letter stating the same thing.

After the warning, they can be held liable for harassment, intimidation, and breach of privacy.

Go get em!!!

Contact State Attorney’s Office, file harassment charges, get a block on your phone from phone company.

Get the caller’s name and the manager’s name. Tell them you are taking legal action under the no-call law.

Threaten them with a law suit or a baseball bat…. something’s gotta give

You should register your phone number on a do not call registry if they have one in your state. Then, if they do call, you can sue them.

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