My partner takes forever to ejackulate he is 52 can you tell mewhat the problem may be?

Does Jenn J, have sexual performance issues or is she just nasty?

It’s normal–as men age they finally stop orgasming in the first three minutes! It can be a problem for women because as they get older they get drier faster—young ladies enjoy it while you can you’ll be here some day!

Somethings to do:

Longer foreplay–oral can really help here.
For the women—lubricants can help. Also, best in effectiveness is hormone replacement therapy–you may want him to go round two!!! lol
For the male there’s all kinds of performance medications and herbs. These can be very effective.

He will enjoy any of the above and so will you–do something before its a BIG problem.

Good Luck

I don’t know what the problem might be, but I feel it important to say that Jenny J is an idiot and you should pay her no attention. She is just a real angry person and is taking her insecurities out on the world. Don’t be angry at her, feel sad for her.

This is hardly a serious problem. As men age, they lose their sexual response, and sensitivity. There are oils that increase sensitivity that might help. I figure at his age he needs to take it slow anyway. Just enjoy the ride while it lasts.

I like #47, I always have trouble with vending machines. I liked most of them. A lot to read though, my eyes hurt now.

This has nothing to do with age but he must be starting to get sick of something you should have him checked out just to clear any illness.


And the problem is ? Most women complain it dont last long enough.

Most women would be happy about this. Are you not interested in it to be taking so long?

It is a control issue. He doesnt want to let control go. There are alot of women who would be very happy having this problems.. and BTW it isnt about you…

he’s 52 i don’t know its kinda when u want to *** u dont and when u don’t u do

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