when I marry Prince Harry, what will you gift me?

Prince Harry or a billionaire, whichever comes first.

Omg I love Prince Harry too! He is too much for words!
I’d buy you Bieber concert tickets &lt:3

Nothing. I steal him from you! lol

Just kidding. But I’d take him over a billionaire..

you’re not gonna find a gay billionaire let alone a prince. sorry *** bag

Gee, I don’t think I’ll ever get any richer…Could I write and perform a song just for the occasion?

Double dates, you and Harry with me and Eminem’s daughter

Cheese cake?

I’ll give you a justin bieber doll

I should hook you up with this gay guy who works for my mom.
He cuts hair and you do make up, perfect.

He’s got money but not billions, sorry bro.

How about a gift card :l

a Double dildo

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