What do you think of my top 10 best nba players currently?

1. Allen Iverson- Best pointguard who can average 13 plus assist and score 40+ points on any given night.

2. Tracy Mcgrady- The best sg in the league and he can create and get triple doubles all the time.

3. Vince Carter- Great player who can jump high and he is the second best shooting guard.

4. Joe JOhnson- 3rd best SG.

5. Steve Nash- Great leader and dominant passer and defender.

6. Shawn Marion- the best defender of the decade.

7. Jermaine Oneal- Great leader that will be an MVP candidate next year and he is the best player on his team.

8. Yao Ming- Best center today.

9. Kobe- Ball hog, but still ok.

10. Dirk Nowitski- Only a shooter and not an all star player, but still effective.

ur list sucks a$$ kobe’s obviously the best u stupid ***

u cant be serious man. i mean come on.
1 kobe
2 lebron
3 dwade
4 melo
and then everyone else iverson isnt iven the 21st or 41st best. get real dude.

where is the king? Dwight howard, chris paul?

no did you forget lebron james, CP3!!!!!, ur list sucks

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