Was God trying to kill black ppl in Katrina like Noah’s Ark?

the bible said god killed the evil people who didnt get on the ark i think thats pretty sick and i hope he wasnt doing the same in new orleans cause so many people suffered and its not right

New olreans isn’t ONLY black.

Yeah, as if God was some sort of white supremacist – he is of no race and is no respecter of persons.

Those people who died were destined to die. It was their time. Many white people died on 9/11, does that mean He was trying to kill a bunch of white yuppies?

Evil happens in this world. Because of evil, even our natural systems have escalated to having hurricanes, earth quakes and tornado’s. And, even the innocent will fall victim. It is not pleasant, but a sad fact. Yet, even in the midst of such a great trial, there are those who decide to turn their lives over to God.

So that is nice to kill. God is often good each and every time he kills. he remains good even regardless of the incontrovertible fact that he killed all of us. think of the movie 2012 happenning on the time of Noah. because of the fact basically seem in any respect those ineffective human beings in the back of that youngster’s tale of Noah saving animals even regardless of the incontrovertible fact that a number of them are undesirable and nevertheless kill those thousands and thousands of peacefully residing human beings all world huge then nevertheless they say God is nice for killing all of us. So in short even God killed all of us, we are able to be compelled to have faith that &quot:he&quot: remains good for doing that. How loopy that is.

No, that was not the case. Katrina was merely a freak weather condition that occurred in nature. God had nothing to do with it.

I was there for the rescue effort, I can assure you that all different races of people and animals were impacted. Not just black people. But it was a tragedy nonetheless.

Yeah,just like he’s trying to kill whites of Norwegian ancestry by making Minnesota so damn cold in the winter..Jeez

Of course not.

And God didn’t kill them for not getting on the ark. They were not invited.


Hey, you can’t pin this one on God.

Those people were living BELOW sea level right next to the Gulf Of Mexico. That’s insane!

No that was the American government for not getting people out when they saw how large this storm was and how strong it was getting to be.

No, it wasn’t ‘God’ drowning people. It was a fierce storm and faulty levee building. Very sad.

What about the rest of the gulf coast?

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