Poll: Why is W called double U when it is obviously a double V?

Other languages call it double V, but not English…

Well if you write it as a double U you can still make it out as a W.

nicely, I imply, it ought to bypass the two way. My Ws look like double Us, yet some human beings upload a sharp element on that muhfucka and it appears like double Vs. it is likewise based on font.

I write it with double U.

How am I supposed to know these things? Why is it called an M when it’s actually an upside down W?

Well, the lower case w looks like 2 us so maybe that’s why.

A W should be called backslash forward slash backslash forward slash.

Because it’s the consonant version of the vowel &quot:u&quot:

Think about it… people would automatically read &quot:uatt&quot: as &quot:watt&quot:

When you write in cursive (Handwritting) It is two u’s and people back then always wrote in cursive so there ya go.

cos english people write pointy !

ya, seriously you r right, you gave me another point to think how bad and unscientific this language is.

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