Is the anti-Cinco de Mayo crowd also against celebrating St. Patrick’s Day?

After all, St. Paddy’s Day is an Irish celebration, not an American one, right?:)

The people who are anti-Cinco de Mayo only feel that way because they &quot:think&quot: people are celebrating &quot:Mexican Independence Day&quot:, which is an utter falsehood.

Cinco de Mayo is the celebration of the Mexican army unexpectedly defeating the French at the Battle of Puebla. (I would think that the Right could get behind a holiday that celebrates the French getting ther asses kicked…guess not).

Sept. 16th is Mexican Independence Day, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone in the US celebrate that day.

I don’t care what folks celebrate so long as they pay for it themselves rather than wasting tax dollars on parades that are really dull &amp: waste resources, time, etc. For me there are only 4 truly American holidays that we all should celebrate. Memorial day, July 4th, Constitution day, &amp: Veterans day. None of these exclude anyone &amp: are meant for all Americans to participate in. It saddens me that these days especially the last 2 are often ignored. Sometimes I feel like I’m in a tiny minority who want to honor our Vets by putting the American flag out &amp: visiting them at the VFW hall.
Lets be honest neither Cinco or St. Pat’s has anything to do with the history of the USA. Like it or not, at least Columbus is crucial to the history of the western hemiphere.
Contrary to myth all the others{Phoenicians, Romans,Chinese, &amp: Vikings} who may have landed first did not start the avalanche of Europeans coming here. That only{yes only} started after 1492.

The spanish/mexican were here before even the other European nations so why not have cinco de mayo. I think we should have days for all types of things, as long as we don’t have to add any more paid holidays. This nation’s entire identity comes from our inclusiveness, this nation has historically accepted anyone willing to risk the travel to get here, as long as they were willing to give it a go and fend for themselves, with help from friends and neighbors.

I hope you idiots realize that Cinco de Mayo is not a holiday in Mexico, either, and most Mexicans don’t celebrate it. It is an Americanized holiday where you drink a bunch of Mexican beer.

Well I WOULD be anti-St. Patrick’s Day, but my grandma is Irish so I can’t really do that.
You know what I wonder? If there’s a Black History Month, why isn’t there a White History Month? I mean, if it’s only for blacks then it isn’t racist against whites. So why not vice versa?
I like 4th of July and Memorial Day. .

They are the same people who thought Jim Broussard was an American hero for ripping down that Mexican flag from a pole on the private property of Mexican Americans.

St Patrick’s Day is a religious holiday like Christmas, celebrated around the world. St. Patrick’s feast day was placed on the universal liturgical calendar in the Catholic Church due to the influence of the Waterford-born Franciscan scholar Luke Wadding

Who knows? I asked a similar question to the guy…

I think some people just don’t like Mexicans because its easier to blame someone else than it is to accept responsibility for ones actions. Its YOUR fault you didn’t get an education, its YOUR fault you didn’t save money, its YOUR fault you’ve allowed ignorance and prejudice to take over your life.

Ruth, yes he did actually. I don’t about drinking green beer, but the white house fountains had green water, he talked up his Irish-ties and wore a green tie.

You didn’t touch a nerve, you’re just another person on here blabbering off at the mouth about what you don’t know and trying to criticize someone for it. Basically, you’re typically conservative.

That same mentality existed here in the middle of the 19th century against the Irish. The mentality has simply been updated to be aimed at a different group.

I didn’t know there was such a group…

…but then I don’t pay attention to every small irrelevant group that comes out whining about something they don’t like.

Besides, there is a group for everything it seems and I simply don’t have the time to discover them all.

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