How can I get a genune part time job?

I want to start a parttime job of my own. Can you give me an idea about genune part time jobs ?

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in case you’re an achieved typist – be conscious processor and have presently visited your community city college or college librarian, you’ll be conscious as a &quot:qualified&quot: graduate typist, earning between $a million.50 to $2.00 in line with web site for a grasp or doctoral thesis. The librarian will provide you a pattern of the typing template (i.e., margin settings, font decision, web site set up, etc.) with a view to end those initiatives. an time-honored weekend earnings is approximately $3 hundred-$4 hundred for 2 days artwork. stable success!

Well, this is good option of making money, i will give you sales or marketing part time job.
The products you have to sell are solar panels, solar ac, solar water heater and so many renewable energy systems.

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