Will the next Wedding you attend to be your own or someone elses?

hmmm……i think it’s safe to say no , never been to a wedding , just to many funerals.

Someone Else’s Without Any Doubt D

Someone else’s I already attended my own

Bleh. Weddings.

Definitely someone elses

Currently someone else’s, unless a miracle happens. I don’t even have a BF at the moment.

DEFINITELY someone elses.

I got to quit yelling &quot:I HAD HER&quot: at weddings, but I get bored.

I’m 90% certain it will be someone elses D, there is nothing on the horizon for me.

Most likely someone else’s.

Certainly not mine D
Three has been 2 times too many

i’ve never been to a wedding before in my life. if i get lucky, maybe my cousin’s wedding in september… if not (again), then i just have to wait until my own. sad sad.

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