Why did we vote all those Democrats into office if they aren’t willing to stand up to President Bush?

It’s disgusting, Republicans will do anything for big business, and Democrats will do anything to stay in office. Why is this country’s political process so broken?

MONEY! Both parties except money from the same campiegn contributors. They have become almost like one party because of this. They feel more responsible to them than to voters. Either party will do anything to stay in office, how could they do anything if they weren’t in office? Republicans jump on key issue band wagons like abortion. They are not ever going to illegalize it, not that I think they should. How could they rowl up the pro-life people to vote if they did that? Its so funny to me the ONLY time you hear about campiegn finace reform is during election time, where the canadates are busy talking about changing it, but taking money hand over fist from big business. Then when the elections over you don’t hear a word more about it. That’s just another way to get votes, they have no intention of getting big business out of the election cycle. The Dem’s say they were mislead on going into Iraq, and I think the G.O.P. lied to get us in there, BUT I live thousands of miles from Washington D.C. and I’m just a housewife, yet I knew Iraq did not have any weapons of mass destruction. How come Dem’s didn’t know and were fooled? They weren’t and they were just as much a part of the mistake as were Republicans. I knew simply because it was all over CNN where our troops were at least 3 weeks before the war started. Who gives their position away and lets the other country with W.M.D.’s know we are about to attack? If we really thought they had them why give that information to get your troops killed before it starts? They must think everyone out here are idiots. They want the oil. Oil is power. Oil is tons of money. Haliburton marched right in didn’t they. They are not securing the people they are trying to secure the oil! The oil that is killing our planet slowly. We can go to the moon, we can probe Mars, we can land on a moon of another planet, we can land on an astroid but we can’t make cars run off of something else? or cure AIDS or cancer? feed hungry people? change our atmosphere for the better? get out of Iraq? think of some other way besides war? The future looks bleak to me.
My daddy once said if you have a question about government, to find your answer you should follow the money.
Please go vote, I’m sure you do, and encourage others to do the same. The election debaukle of 2000 would not have happened if the voter turnout had been higher. We were disinfrachised from day one and everyday after that. This president is the worst America has ever seen.

well, you have a good handle on it but the life of a politician is like this…..the little guy on one side and the big business on the other and you are in the middle…..the big business has the big bucks and the big lawyers and lobbyist….the little guy has the masses but is easily manipulated. Most of the people complaining about Bush voted him in. Haliburton now wants to move to the MiddleEast? What blatant slaps in the face of the American People Cheneys cronies are laughing to the bank. All in all, you are right though….the reason Dems lost the last election was no backbone…they had all the ammo in the world and did not fire back. You got to play dirty . Look at Gingrich chasing Clinton on morality issues while having an affair himself. Colin Powell couldnt take the stinch anymore. Its sad that the Dems will have to &quot:go low&quot: to win this fight. Best thing about the Repubs being in power is that they eat their own. And no mattter what Fox news or Rush Limbaugh says….real facts have a way of surfacing.

The political process is not broken. The dems can’t do anything because they have slim majorities in the House and Senate. The President has the power of the VETO.

I think its perhaps that the democrats lied to get into office? The president is doing the right thing, they know it. They just need to feed you enough BS to make you think they are doing something. The process is not broken, you’ve just believed all the crap fed you by a party that would sell their mother to get into office and a media that backed them.

It’s not broken, it’s just slow. If you expected Democrats to pull the plug on Iraq ASAP, then you need to get your head together because a government the size of ours should NEVER execute such radical moves. There are a myriad of possibilities that could come as a result of such a move, and some of them can leave us in a worse situation then we are in now. Unfortunately, our country’s policy moves at a snail’s pace but over time it does work.

You have it all wrong. Democrats have a slight ‘majority’ in Congress, but the ‘power’ still rests with a Republican President.

The really funny part is that you all thought things would change if you put a different bunch of professional politicians in charge. P T Barnum was never so right.

I am thoroughly ashamed of the American people electing a group they knew are socialists and who will ruin the economy and lose the war against terror to spite the president.

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