What does Carlos Zambrano have to do in order to impress Cubs fans?

Alright we all know the Carlos Zambrano had one of the worst starts of the season, and many Cubs fans booed him. I don’t think it was nice of them since he is now with the cubs for 5 more years. But what do you think Zambrano has to do in order to get back on track? Here are your options

1. Get a no-hitter
2. A shutout
3. Strike out at least 10 batters.
4. Allow no more than 3 runs
5. Just get the win

Please choose one and explain.

how about all 5 of them???lol, jk. i think its not so much his fault, but the fans fault because no matter what, u should always be suppotive of ur team (players) no matter how much they suck. for example: the white sox have lost their great offensive mojo this year and i keep pulling for them (even when they loose 8 in a row). i would never boo my own team.

All that Zambrano needs is a couple of wins or good outing in a row for the cubs fans to forgive him. Cubs fans will forget everyting if he has a couple of wins in a row. Look at Jacques Jones at the begininng of the season. He was boo and look how the cubs fans treated him after he had some good games. Some all that Zambrano need to do is wins some ballgames and the cubs fans will love him again

I think Carlos Zambrano just needs to win games. At this point in the season, that’s all that the Cubs and their fans are concerned about. We just want to get the &quot:W&quot:. One way or another !

As a Cubs fan myself, I was not overly bothered by his outburst. Zambrano is widely known to be a very emotional guy who wants to win as much as anyone.

I would be satisfied with choice #4, assuiming he allows 3 runs or less while going 7-8 innings. Such a performance would hopefully also be enough to achieve choice #5.

Give me a bunch of Zambranos anytime — I’d rather have guys with a little fire and emotion than someone who doesn’t really give a hoot.

To win this Cub fan back, he needs to shut his mouth, actually use that lump three feet above his a** for something besides a hat rack, and maybe win at least another game or two before the end of the season.
Of your choices, I’d take #5 – get the win.

He needs to win a key post season game. Like game 7 of the World Series.

I know you said choose one, but the reality is, is that he has to have a combo of 2, 4, and 5. (and maybe even 3)

I think all that Cubs fans really want is to have him earn that 95M dollars.

Just get a win, since he hasn’t done that since he resigned with the overvalued contract last month.

Perfect Game! for some. I just am happy with the win because a win is a win.

#4 allow no more than 3 runs in 7 innings, that is all any good starter should do.

To prove he is great though, well then it should be 2 runs (He is capable of it, when he does not let minor mistakes get into his head).

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