LeBron James!! Miami!?

What do you think about LeBron James descion? He’s going to Miami!!

I think it was the wrong decision. He would be remembered as a much better player if he had chosen Cleveland, and he would have won championships there, which would have been 10 times as special as with any other team. Miami was simply the easy way out. I honestly beleive though that this Miami team will crash at some point in the season.

First of all, I hate it for the city of Cleveland. Lebron played in that city for 7 seasons, and during that span of 7 seasons, millions of people think that he is the best player in the NBA. That is enough time for people to realize that he is a great basketball player and for Lebron to know himself that he is good. That being said, my first instinct was that I hated to see him leave Clevland. The man was born, raised, and played basketball there. On the other hand, I do see that Lebron is human and he wants a championship. If you played in the NBA, wouldn’t you want to hold a NBA Finals trophey? Why sure! He has proven for 7 years that he can play basketball, and is tallented enough to do so with the right help. For all of you that burn his jerseys in Cleveland are nothing but children and piss moaners, and for the other &quot:true&quot: Labron James fans, I hated to see him go myself but it was a decision that he made and not ours. I wish him the best of luck in Miami and hope he plays just as well when he was in Clevland.

After all of the hype of Lebron Vs. Kobe in 2009 it didn’t happen.
After all of the hype of him being in the league period, nothing happened.
He must win. There is no other way to cut it.
People are jumping around like the championship is already won. Before we even have the discussion about the Lakers, they must get passed the BOSTON CELTICS. Also this is a team sport, let us see how they play together. Let’s have this discussion next year when we see who is holding the trophy.

LeBron Didnt Choke BS call Fouls wreck the sport 2nd Who Cares in case you permit out those Freethrows What difference Does It Make Its in basic terms a Loss recover from It Why Dont you’re taking those loose Throws

Miami Heat Champions 2011 BABY

congralution at the Miami Heat on there 2010-2011 NBA championship

just shows how desperate LeBron wants a ring

Who is Lebron?

He will not become the legend he would of been if he went to ny , chicago , cleveland. he needs to have two super stars to get a ring.

I just hope they say he needed Wade and Bosh liek they say Kobe needed Shaq

cause its the exact same situation

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