I recently adopted a siberian husky puppy and now the previous owners refuse to have contact with me?

I asked them, if there were any problems, if I could return her for a full refund. I was told she was potty trained, not a biter, not a jumper and that she was quiet. All of which were not true. Details really. Her and I are working on those things and it’ll take time: she’s only 10 weeks old, but I’m concerned about her health. They said she had her vaccinations, but they refuse to send me the vet records or even tell me which shots she received. She also came to me with a pretty bad case of the fleas and a soft green stool. I feel so bad for this little one. Any advice? I am a bit limited financially at the moment.

If you care at all about this pup like it seems you do I would not try to return her just move on. soft green stool if ok for a young puppy like that. so that’s no big deal. potty training doesn’t NORMALLY happen that early. Put her in a crate and only let her out to pee first then play then back into the crate. she ONLY needs to come out when it is potty time and can only play after potty time is over Husky are known for being jumpers and howl a lot. a little training will help with that. He biting is probably just her wanting to play get her a few toys and when she does bite grab her nozzle-mouth closed- and say no bite EVERYTIME she bites. Don’t give up it will work. Take her to a vet and get her vaccinated again that is something that won’t hurt her to get a second time and she will need to be vaccinated again at 12 weeks anyway. Also she needs to be dewormed most likely but have a vet do it please. Call all the vets in your area..there are affordable one out there.

10 week old puppies ALL bite, jump, and have accidents. If you had done the proper research you would have known this. Consider it a learning experience and write the previous owners off. You won’t hear from them and they won’t take the puppy back. They were obviously just looking for a sale and said whatever they could to get you to buy the puppy.

You will have to assume that the puppy has not received any shots at all and get her into the vets office immediately. Even if she did get a vaccination already, puppy shots come in a series. She needs one now and one at 13-14 weeks old.

Then you need to decide if you want to keep this puppy or not. If you are not fully committed (and it sounds like you are not) then it would be in the best interest of the puppy to go to a new home while she is still young and adoptable. If you wait until she is older it will be hard to find a new home. The shelters are full of adolescent Huskies because this is a breed that can be hard to manage.

You will almost certainly take a good sized financial loss on this. You won’t be able to sell her for what you paid, and you will have to pay for her first vaccine. That absolutely can not wait, she is likely at risk of getting parvo right now and that is often fatal. If it is not, vet bills can run into the thousands of dollars. Consider this also a financial lesson about not buying things on impulse.

Turn the puppy in to Siberian Husky Rescue if you cannot afford it.

Do not return it to the breeder as they obviously didn’t care for it enough to keep it parasite free or to screen new owners well enough to determine whether they were financially capable of caring for a puppy or educated enough to realize a 10 week old northern breed puppy will NOT be housetrained, will nip, jump and generally be rambunctious (AND IT WILL GET WORSE!!).

Please realize: Northern breed pups are incredibly bright and are often very easy to train…. and then they hit the &quot:teenage&quot: stage at 9-24 mos and decide they really don’t want or need to please you… MANY of them never outgrow it and without a very good take on how a northern breed brain works, a novice such as yourself will end up with a really cool Siberian Husky lawn or kennel ornament… or will at that point dump the no-longer-cute dog into rescue or a shelter.

Get into a training class NOW! Find some northern breed breeders to mentor you. RESEARCH how to effectively live with a puppy and more importantly with this breed. Or give it to rescue now, before any damage is done.

Ask your vet if a 10 week old puppy would have received shots. I think that’s too young, they were likely feeding you a line just to get the puppies sold.

Since they don’t return your calls, consider them a lost cause. You know their last name? Phone the three closest vet clinics to their home and ask if they’re clients and explain you need confirmation about their puppies’ vet records and that they’re not supplying you with them.

Huskies have their own problems–they’re not reliable off leash, are going to be escape artists, have a high prey drive so watch them around small animals and cats.

Puppies always jump, always mouth things (yours is teething), and at 10 weeks can’t possibly be potty trained! Realistically any puppy owner knows these things.

Flea treatments are $12, phone around to the different vets and ask their prices, they do vary. Get the puppy checked up too.

Youll have to take her to the vet…thats the only way to ensure she is healthy.

A ten week old puppy cant be considered not a biter, or jumper or house trained for future reference, but at ten weeks the dog has tons of time to get caught up on vaccines…puppies require about $800 worth of shots and deworming in the first year…then there is spaying and neutering….

Well a 10 week old puppy is never fully housebroken and huskies are known barkers and all healthy pups at this age should be active and may be nippy.All this just takes training.As to the vaccines,just take to the vet and get them started and treat the fleas.Also get started on a de worming schedule.All basic cost of owning a puppy/dog.CAn’t say much more then this.

First off, you should’ve never taken on a dog if you are limited financially. Dogs cost MONEY and this puppy is going to need a series of puppy shots, a rabies shot and the stool needs checked for worms. Plus he needs to be started on heartworm preventative.

You were obviously &quot:taken&quot:. I can guarantee you this puppy hasn’t had any medical care so you need to start from scratch.

Are you aware that huskies: Love to RUN and require HOURS of daily excercize? They SHED tremendously and once fleas get in their thick coat, you need to treat them with Frontline, Advantage or Revolution every month.
You yourself can never treat or bathe all of the fleas out of her coat.
Huskies HOWL. They like to DIG holes. They can be fighters.

You will need to put many hours into caring for and excercizing this dog to keep it &quot:balanced&quot: and happy. I’d strongly advise obedience classes and agility classes. Huskies are a WORKING breed and they live to pull sleds, etc.

Good luck – you’ve got your hands full!!

contact and turn her over to your nearest Husky rescue that takes pups. You have no one to blame for being in this situation other than yourself, considering you were silly enough to expect a 10 WEEK OLD PUPPY to be fully house trained, non-mouthy/jumpy and ‘quite’. Do you even know anything about this breed?

You should not have bought her. Sounds like the last owners weren’t exceptional (what with her health issues and fleas): she should be surrendered to a Husky rescue.

Drive to their home and return the puppy.

Do not expect any refund, even reputable breeders don’t do that.

Consider it a lesson. Since you can not afford to properly take care of a dog I am confused as to why you purchased one.

After all the research you did on the breed did you really think a 10 week old puppy would be perfectly trained?

Return the puppy.

If you can not remember where they live then find a Siberian Husky rescue to relinquish the puppy where it will certainly be placed ina proper home and spayed before she goes.

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