For Christians who think that God condemns homosexuality…?

…I have a question. Now I know that there are some Christians out there who support gay and lesbian rights, so I’m not trying to lump all Christians together here.

But, for those of you who DO think that God considers homosexuality to be a sin–who think that, unless homosexuals repent and renounce their evil ways, they will earn eternal damnation–do you have any moral qualms about pledging your allegiance to a God that would allow somebody to burn in hell simply for living life in a different way, a way that doesn’t harm anyone else? Do you really want to love and obey a God whose rules are so senseless and unfair?

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Many homosexuals are miserable because of their gender disorientation. Often this is a result of a broken home especially one that lacks a father. It is out of compassion the church seeks to help those who need it. Also the radical homosexual agenda seeks to destroy the family as it has always been in all civilizations and all major religions for all of history. This is important because the normal family has always been the strength of society and the best place to raise kids. Homosexuals deny that kids need both a mom and a dad but statistics overwhelmingly show that kids with out both have a great disadvantage over those who do and are much more likely to have problems.

This is an excerpt from the Starting Point Study Bible. Its not a Bible verse but an explanation. It says &quot:society pressures people to believe homosexuality as a &quot:normal&quot: or &quot:alternative&quot: lifestyle. But God didn’t design two sexes with the intention that some people would engage in homosexual practices. Our enemy the devil loves to confuse and deceive. God doesn’t condemn us for being tempted (even Jesus was tempted), and even if we’ve practiced homosexuality, God never stops loving us and wooing us.&quot: Also remember that although it is even more widely accepted than homosexuality, any sexual act outside of marriage is considered a sin. Please read Leviticus 20:13, in fact read Leviticus 20:10-21. I just want you to understand that if you are a homosexual God loves you!! I am a Christian, but I don’t condemn those who are homosexual. I have always said love the person, but hate the sin. We are all sinners (myself included). Whether we are homosexual or heterosexual. Christians are called not to judge, that is God’s job. And what you do with your life is not between you and Christians, its between you and God. Read 1Corinthians 6:9-11,Mark 7:20-21, Galatians 5:19-21, Colossians 3:5-6,1Thessalonians 4:3-6.

I have a problem with the whole &quot:burn in hell&quot: thing….I haven’t found anything at all in my bible about a hell where people burn..

What I have found is scripture about hell being literally separation from God. My research leads me to believe that God will turn away from us if we do not obey His rules. That is His punishment.

So, having said that: God gave humans the freedom to choose to love Him and obey His laws. How meaningful would it be to love God only because we HAD to? But to love Him because we choose to…that is true and real love.

You say that homosexuality doesn’t harm anyone, but if we all practiced it, we would find ourselves at the end of the human race. We’d become extinct. God’s first instructions to Adam and Eve were, &quot:Be fruitful and multiply&quot:. So, he obviously wants humans to mate and have children.

The whole concept of God is that there is some Supreme Being who created everything we see and gave us laws to live by. How presumptuous of us to try and question a being like this! If you can believe that God does exist, and He exists as described in the Bible, we cannot, by our nature, fathom Him, nor can we understand all the reasons for His laws.

I wouldn’t want a God I could understand completely. I wouldn’t want a God who thought and laid down rules like humans do. What kind of God would that be?

I didn’t mean to be so long-winded, I guess I had more to say than I expected.

I guess there are many answers to this question, so i will just provide one answer that i think its the most appropriate.. God created the power of free will, he didnt control man like puppets on strings, yes, homosexuality may seem wrong in every single way, and i dont support it myself, but hey, If two person can seek happiness in this way, why stop them? I guess we have the free will to do what we want to, no offence, the most important thing is that we found what we desire, be it happiness or other things. Rules are make by men, not by God. If homosexuality isnt allowed, i guess everyone have been punished by now, or burn in hell.

If some of my brothers and sisters led you to believe only homosexuals will go to hell and burn in the lake of fire while everyone else gets off Scott-free, let me apologize.

Sin is Sin. The thief, the liar, the adulterer.., yes there are heterosexual sins as well…, so some who do not respect the sanctity of marriage and mess around on their mates will go to hell right with the rest of sinners.

Let me explain: Think of sin as a disease – a disease that gets passed from generation to generation very much like some genetic disease we see today, except with sin, you cant detect it with any known scientific tests or equipment.

Adam and Eve contracted this, kind of disease (sin) and passed it on to their children and their children’s children and so on. God sent his son Jesus as the cure to that sin. No one will force you to accept this cure – no. The cure is merely offered to you.

Lets say you contract a fatal disease. The doctor says there is only one cure and prescribes you the medicine along with a set of things you have to do or the cure wont work.

You do one of three things…,
(1) Accept the cure but after a while get discouraged or figure you will be fine.., so you stop the cure and regimen cold…, you get sicker and on your death bed blame the doctor – ignoring the fact it was you who stopped taking the cure.
(2) Refuse the cure outright accusing the doctor of trying to control your life with a phony prescription. You end up getting sick and dying.
(3) you accept the cure and discover shortly that your life is so much better.., just not in the same way you experienced before.. a whole new level of existence.

God is the doctor who prescribes Jesus and holy living. We who are followers of Jesus are simply spreading the news about the cure for sin.

I don’t think there were many outwardly homosexuals back when the bible was written anyway. It says don’t lay with a man as you would a woman. So just lay man differently than you would a woman. It doesn’t make much sense to lie with a man as a woman anyway. I think that things written back then were against men domintating other men. Like the way people do in prison sometimes. It’s talking about the behaviour of makeing someone your bi**h. Not about two people that love each other. Sodom and gromora ( probably spelled wrong, but I don’t care. ) was destroyed because the people their used that practice of domination, it had nothing to do with people being gay, and have loving releationships.

You have kids.

You make rules.

You let them know that the rules are not to be broken under any circumstance.

You let them know that you love them and will forgive them, but there will be consequences for their actions.

Your kids go and break one or more of your rules.

Your choices:

1. Smile and say, &quot:It’s your life honey, do what you want, even though I specifically said not to do those things and that I would punish you for them.&quot:

2. Follow through with your promises.

God made the rules, yes, but he is also our loving Father. He created us. He wants what is best for us. One of His rules is that a MAN and a WOMAN would be as one. He gave us this example first in Adam and Eve. Some of us choose to ignore that rule and go against His wishes anyway. What kind of God (or Father, for that matter) is He, if He brushes aside His own rules? God must follow His own rules, or He is not much of a God.

Christians who denounce homosexuals as sinners forget that the very same book of the Bible that forbids homosexuality also forbids eating pork, preparing meat and dairy together, touching the skin of pigs, wearing clothes made out of two different kinds of materials, and many other strange things that the Catholic church seems to have forgotten about, and the Protestants haven’t been too keen to bring up either. If homosexuality is a sin, then so is eating pork chops. So get your scripture straight, and stop taking it out of context. As an atheist, I am constantly noticing just how rarely Christians REALLY know something about their religion.

Romans 1:18-32 clearly states the lust of homosexuality.

Imagine life without rules, everyone for himself…mankind would destroy itself. It’s doing pretty well now.

Second, people don’t &quot:earn&quot: their trip to hell, they choose it. If people choose to live their life without God on earth, then eternity would not be option.
Until some understand WHY God placed these &quot:rules&quot: in place, then authority has no rule.
If we have people already who find rulebreaking a common thread, imagine the whole human race accomplishing complete anarchy?

I guess it’s OK for you to steal from someone but you would get downright mad if someone stole from you. This is selfish chaos.

Jesus, or in this case, God preached to hate the sin and love the sinner. He frequently was seen preaching to what at that time was the dirty or heathen people. Many Christians adhere to the Old Testement teaching about homosexuality being a sin. BUt far more follow the teachings opf Jesus to love God and then love one another. As a Christian I hope that you find God’s love above all else.

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