Do blacks really hate white people as much as it seems?

What bad did white people do to you *in this century*? Not your ancestors. Did they whip you or sell you into slavery? Why are white people getting blamed for all the trouble? There’s just as many black, Hispanic, ect politicians running the country. Why is it that if a white person tries to act black, it’s degrading but if a black person tries to act white, it’s considered a step up? Don’t black people realize they’re degrading their abilities by trying to be gangstas and thugs from da hood? I’ve seen black children (as young as first grade) get ridiculed by their black peers because they dressed nicely and studied to get good grades. They were even outcasted because they weren’t black enough to talk to the other black kids. Why do a lot of black people think it’s betraying your people if you want to be successful? There’s so many things for equal rights yet so few black people are taking the oppertunities given to them. Don’t they want to be thought of as upper class?

Yawn*…..I cant believe you took your time to write that ridiculous statement….

Do you know what i think? I think you THINK way too much about black people. And What the hell does the this hole question have to do with hating white people? Sounds like your complaining about black people period.

edit:You &quot:bought&quot: us into slavery. You cant sell something unless you have a buyer which technically means THE BUYER has more power than the SELLER.

The buyer will always be held responsible for his objects, Living things, et cetera… He had the power to either buy them or not and in this sense the white man will be held responsible for the treatment and the purchase because he was the one who bought them and oppressed them…so please, stop coming up with these worthless justifications.

If I &quot:bought&quot: a gun and I killed millions of people with it (Remember im the one in power) Should the seller be held responsible? Or should me (the buyer)?…end of discussion.

Latiyah S- I know how you feel sister, they are very difficult people.

I don’t hate white people. My best friend is white. I’m not gangsta. I don’t try to act white. I like rock and rap music. I get straight A’s. Are you going to call me &quot:acting white for that?&quot: However, my friend listens to some rap music. Is she &quot:acting black?&quot: No.

Grizzly, if I complained about white people like you complaining all the time, I would have gotten contradicted. When are you going to learn? You opinions are disgusting and offending. I think you’ve had bad experiences with black people and you’re still bitter towards the entire race. So, doesn’t that mean you’re doing what &quot:we’re doing&quot:? Blaming another race for something that happened years ago? The majority of blacks are fine with white people. Talk to a few of them. You might learn how to not be so narrow minded.

Blacks do not hate white people: they (some of them) hate the ignorant prejudiced whites, and rightfully so. You speak of acting &quot:black&quot: and acting &quot:white&quot:. What does that mean? Like many people said, not all Blacks are thugs and gangsters. That’s just how they are portrayed by the media. The media is just as ignorant as you are. You mention a lot of what you’ve seen of Blacks acting like thugs. What you’ve seen means nothing. Obviously, if that’s what you see on a regular basis, that’s what you choose to surround yourself with. And, really, you’re probably just like they are, but too blind to see it.

And as far as your question about Blacks not wanting to be successful, many Blacks are VERY successful, but folks like you don’t step far enough out of your bubble to see it. Some Blacks are in poverty, live in the hood and resort to crime and violence, but many times, that’s all they know. They are stuck, and don’t realize their potential. That’s how THEY were raised. But, in those cases its a vicious cycle– that is what their parents, grandparents, etc. knew. It were their grandparents and great grandparents who were discriminated against and denied education and respectable jobs. It was only in the late 60’s when many major southern university allowed Blacks to study. So, all in all, it’s not entirely their fault. That’s why people need mentors and people to help them to open their eyes to possibilities. And whoever said that Blacks have to work 10X as hard to get where whites are, it’s true. On a daily basis, blacks are stereotyped, discrimated against, and profiled based solely on the color of their skin.

Personally, I am black, grew up in a very successful family of doctors, scientists, professors. ALL of my Black friends grew up the same way and ALL have advanced degrees. I also have lived all over the country and have NEVER seen what you mention to have seen in the Black community (except for on TV).

To respond to your comment about Black Entertainment Television, the reason why it was established was because black music artists were not showcased on any of the existing networks: therefore, BET was developed. Likewise, Black colleges and universities were founded so Blacks could get an education because they were not allowed to attend the &quot:white&quot: universities.

Slavery in Africa had laws and rules that actually protected the slaves, Slaves in Africa were usually spoils of war,and they were not dehumanized and treated like animals….before you post so much stuff do some research……everything else you said holds no importance to me because it is not true, we are happy when one of our own succeeds (why else would obama be getting the black vote?) your post was a rant, and there are not many elements of truth in what you said,if you are white mind your own business and leave the black race alone,they are not your problem.

p.s read jayde’s answer you might learn something.

You’re a good enough reason to hate white people as well as the white people that answered this question. All white people ever talk about is black people saying things about slavery and their ancestors and a couple of days ago a white man said ”just laugh and think about how our ancestors killed and beat theirs” *how wonderful right?.* Seeing that when a black person brings up something about slavery and the past white people always want to say forget the past it’s not the 1800’s but when a black person talks about banning the confederate flag white people always want to say it’s part of history and the past we can’t forget about the past. So which one is it? As far as I’m concerned white people are amongst the most racist people in the world and so i say they can all go to hell.

I don’t think they do, I can’t speak on behalf of all black people though.

Personally I don’t, I have an equal number of white friends as black friends, and I have white family, and my granddad is mixed race.

I think that people are too quick to like put one persons actions on the rest of their race.

However I think that there is still a glass ceiling for Black people, and until that is gone then there isn’t going to be unity between black people and white people, and there is always going to be a bit of resentment.

You will have to stop the manipulation and trying to find scapegoats for every problem. I know that no matter what you say with your lips, the truth will always follow you and you know what the truth is. Infact the truth is what is bothering you right now.

If Africans sold their fellow Africans, why did white peoples morals and ethic code fail to kick in, so that they would understand that regardless of whether you’ve bought a person or not, that does not give you the right to treat the person anyhow. Stop the madness. And then you ask why many people seem tired of all the lies.


EXCUSE ME no i mean US! you know the so called lower class blacks.its not just black people who are lower classed. do you even understand how the class system works?! obviously you don’t, cause I’m sure that you aren’t higher classed you are no relation to the queen nor any were near that close. you arent ven middle classed. atleast 95% aproximately of the Uk and USA is working classed that small 5 percent is middle class and higher classed. and when you state in your question’black people arent taking the oppertunities given to them’ you then contradict your self when you later state ‘ I know there are plenty of lower class white people but the media and mainstream idea is that white people have all the oppertunity in the world. ‘ that is the Fcuking reason why black people cant take these so called oppertunities goven to them beacuse we arent given oppertunities. i can assure you if a black person and a white person applyed for a job regardless of the qualifications the black person has they have a slim chance of getting the job. we work ten times harder in school and to get some were in life. and then you wonder why a large majourity of black people may dislike white people and also the fact that white ansestors put black people in africa in poverty and sold black people for a living!!! wake up hatrid between both races occur because of what happened to our black ansestors.so dont ask questions and expect nothing to come back at you.

That is a good question … I always wondered since White people are supposedly so racist then why are black people allowed to have B(black) E(entertainment) T(television) and get away with it. White people should be able to have the same.

I think due to the past and white people being afraid of what a black person may do, they get away with a lot more than a white person does. I have seen when a black person don’t get their way they get very angry and sometimes cause crime.

It makes no sense for the white people to be blamed for stuff that they never did. Blacks need to forget/forgive and move on. I agree with you that they are degrading themselves by being thugs/gangsta’s: majority of those you will see in prisoner and I think that is what leads to it.

As for upper class, I think they feel they are. At my school they try to run where people can walk and treat white people like they are second class. I feel they should help themselves out by getting a job and good education and value it. Many of them I think have the feeling that oh well I can go somewhere else. They have different morals then other cultures and are raised different.

I know very few black people that are very nice, successful, and caring. and I would like to see more so American society can change their opinion on them.

Black People dominate what rap market? Definetly not the sales end… Maybe the entertainment end. And Yes, most people generally are [email protected](3S. White and Black…it just depends what side of the fence you sit on.

See, this isn’t a black phenomena, it’s a human phenomena.
People can be not straight enough to hang with the straights,
Not american enough, to hang with the Americans,
Not Japanese enough to chat with the Japanese,
Not white enough to hang with the whites,
even not trans enough to hang with trannies.

You name ANY group, and there will be SOME in that group that outcast people.

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