What is the difference between the IFL and UFC?

I love watching the UFC but can’t seem to get enough of it. What is IFL like and what are the differences between the two?
thank you so much for your answers!

You watch UFC so I will assume you know about it.

The International Fight League (IFL) is another mixed martial arts promotion that uses a team competition format. Each team has at least 1 fighter for each weight division. Heavyweight, Light Heavyweight, Middleweight, Welterweight and Lightweight. Each team is coached by a legend of the sport of mixed martial arts.

Pat Miletich – Quad City Silverbacks
Renzo Gracie – New York Pitbulls
Carlos Newton – Toronto Dragons
Frank Shamrock – San Jose Razorclaws
Matt Lindland – Portland Wolfpack
Don Frye – Tucson Scorpions
Igor Zinoviev – Chicago Red Bears
Marco Ruas – Southern California Condors
Ken Shamrock – Reno Lions
Shawn Tompkins (Formerly Bas Rutten) – Los Angeles Anacondas
Maurice Smith – Seattle Tiger Sharks
Ken Yasuda – Tokyo Sabres

Each team has a schedule of fights. One event might have the Condors vs the Sabres and the Tiger Sharks vs the Silverbacks and so on. The team competition is a best of 5 series. The teams with the best records go into the playoffs until a winner is crowned and that team is awarded championship rings like in other major sports.

They have a new thing this year also. A Grand Prix for the best fighters in each weight division will be held at the end of the year. So even if you are on a team that never won a competition but you won all of your fights you might be crowned a champion. It will be a tournament style where you win and go to the next round or you lose and go home. And each weight division will crown a champion.

The talent isn’t as good as in the UFC but it is still alot of fun to watch. The IFL does have a few bright spots when it comes to talent though. Bart Palaszewski (Silverbacks) and Chris Horodecki (Anacondas) are two very good up and coming lightweight fighters.

If you can’t get enough of watching UFC you should give Pride Fighting Championship a try. They have some of the best talent in the world. The only difference is that they fight in a boxing style ring, have a 10 minute first round and they have knees and kicks on the ground.

The IFL is team vs. team, like a wrestling match, except it’s MMA. The team that gets the most wins gets a victory. The coaches are names you’d recognize but the fighters are basically new names.

IFL has good coaches, but the teams are made up of basically UFC rejects. If you want to watch more MMA then watch Pride. They show Pride re-runs on FSN.

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