Do you think Hillary Clinton will win the Democrat nomination and why?

Hillary For President

Hillary’s accomplishments and Why I love her:

She wasn’t born into money and political influence. She came from middle class Illinois, and worked her way up -graduating from Yale Law School during a time when women were at an educational disadvantage. As a law student, Hillary represented foster children and parents in family court and worked on some of the earliest studies creating legal standards for identifying and protecting abused children. Following graduation, she became a staff attorney for the Children’s Defense Fund when she could have taken a job with a large law firm making much more money.

After serving as only one of two women lawyers on the staff of the House Judiciary Committee considering the impeachment of Richard Nixon, Hillary chose not to pursue offers from major law firms. Her daughter Chelsea was born in 1980 but pregnancy and raising a well balanced daughter did not thwart her tireless work for families and children.

Hillary ran a legal aid clinic for the poor when she first got to Arkansas and handled cases of foster care and child abuse. Years later, she organized a group called Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families. When she was just 30, President Carter appointed her to the board of the United States Legal Services Corporation, a federal nonprofit program that funds legal assistance for the poor.

As First Lady of Arkansas, Hillary continued to advocate for children, leading a task force to improve education in Arkansas through higher standards for schools and serving on the board of the Arkansas Children’s Hospital, helping them expand and improve their services. She also served on national boards for the Children’s Defense Fund, the Child Care Action Campaign, and the Children’s Television Workshop.

She also continued her legal career as a partner in a law firm. She led the American Bar Association’s Commission on Women in the Profession, which played a pioneering role in raising awareness of issues like sexual harassment and equal pay. Hillary was twice named one of the 100 most influential lawyers in America.

When Bill became president, here’s a few things she worked on as First Lady: to travel the globe speaking out for women and children, to make adoption easier, to expand early learning and child care, to increase funding for breast cancer research, and to help veterans suffering from Gulf War syndrome . She also helped launch a national campaign to prevent teen pregnancy and helped create the Adoption and Safe Families Act of 1997, which moved children from foster care to adoption more quickly. All of us know that she has championed healthcare before. Yeah, her plan wasn’t perfect, but she’s been there and is adjusting her plan based on her experience. She was also partly responsible for the Family and Medical Leave Act.

Finally, in 2000, Hillary was elected to the United States Senate from New York. After the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, Hillary worked with her colleagues to secure the funds New York needed to recover and rebuild. She fought to provide compensation to the families of the victims, grants for hard-hit small businesses, and health care for front line workers at Ground Zero.

She is the first New Yorker ever to serve on the Senate Armed Services Committee.

I love the fact that she ( and Bill ) raised a daughter that is classy and successful.

I love the fact she holds family values and has a forgiving heart…. not many people would be able to handle the burden she did and walk with class.

I love the fact people doubted her ability in NY as Senator and she proved them wrong.

I love the fact she was a Working First Lady and didn’t just sit around and sip tea.

I love the fact that she has relationships with leaders all around the world and will be able to get them to assist us out of Iraq and help us with our world relations…something we have needed for 8 years now.

I love the fact she has been bashed by the republicans and other haters and yet she handles them and still gets her job done.

I love the fact she was a republican and became a democrat. She understands both views and that is why she is such a great moderate.

I love the fact that her Health Care Reform is what the other candidates are using as their guide for their Health Care Reform… she did the original work, they may have tweaked it a bit as she has also improved it but it was all based on her original try as first lady.

Not only will Hillary Clinton win the Democratic nomination, she will win the elections of 2016 AND 2020 with landslide victories.

Scandal: A new investigation reveals that Bill and Hillary Clinton took in at least $100 million from Middle East leaders. Can such a financially and ethically compromised candidate truly function as our nation’s leader?

The investigation by the Daily Caller News Foundation has uncovered a disturbing pattern of the Clintons’ raising money for the Clinton Foundation from regimes that have checkered records on human rights and that aren’t always operating in the best interests of the U.S. By the way, the $100 million we mentioned above doesn’t appear to include another $30 million given to the Clintons by two Mideast-based foundations and four billionaire Saudis.

All told, it’s a lot of money.

“These regimes are buying access,” Patrick Poole, a national security analyst who regularly writes for PJ Media, told the DCNF. “You’ve got the Saudis. You’ve got the Kuwaitis, Oman, Qatar and the UAE (United Arab Emirates). There are massive conflicts of interest. It’s beyond comprehension.”

Well, maybe not, given that Clinton, during her four-year tenure as secretary of state, used a clearly illegal private email server which is now under investigation by the FBI. Her open e-mail system likely was hacked by Chinese, Russian and perhaps other spy agencies, say cyberespionage experts. Such negligence would seem to disqualify her from ever holding a sensitive foreign policy post in the government again.

Meanwhile, former U.S. Attorney Joseph E. diGenova told the Caller that he believes the FBI has launched a second, possibly more serious investigation into possible political corruption involving the Clinton Foundation. This is potentially explosive, given that the Clintons seem to have run their charity in a way that lines their own pockets.

The question is an open one: Did the oil-rich Mideast nations give lavishly to the Clinton Foundation in an effort to influence future U.S. policy? And what about Bill Clinton’s business partnership with Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Dubai’s authoritarian ruler, from 2003 to 2008? Clinton took away some $15 million in “guaranteed payments” from the deal, his tax records show.

A picture of extraordinary greed is emerging from both Clintons in the years after they hold the highest posts in the U.S. government.

In just the past three years, after her stint as the nation’s top diplomat, Hillary Clinton spoke to dozens of deep-pocket firms on Wall Street, typically charging $250,000 a pop to hear her wit and wisdom — despite her bitter condemnations of Wall Street during her campaign.

All told, she took in an estimated $22 million from these speeches — an extraordinary amount, given the growing consensus among foreign-policy thinkers that Clinton was one of the worst secretaries of state ever.

So why would Arab potentates and Wall Street magnates alike pony up so much money for the Clintons? Is it because they believe so strongly in the philanthropic mission of the Clinton Family Foundation? Or is it that they hoped to have influence on a future Hillary Clinton presidency, which would of course feature First Gentleman Bill Clinton?

Remember, a Hillary Clinton presidency once looked like a sure thing. Now, given the growing possibility that she could be charged for criminal negligence for putting secret material on a private server, or perhaps even be charged with corruption, Clinton has far more serious problems than just getting elected. Her biggest problem may be staying out of prison.

No. There is going to be a ‘hand recount’ of the votes in New Hampshire – this I think will include the Republican votes as well. I’m not sure if this has happened yet or even if there is a final result, but the original result is thought to be doubtful – lets say void.

It’s the choice of the people of the USA. But if you want the HillBills back in the White House, be my guest.

In the press here in London it has been plainly stated that the relationship between Hills and Bill is not very good. She apparently ran the White House while Bill chased the girls.

If she gets elected she will run the White House and much else besides and I guess that Bill will become FIRST HUSBAND or some such title.

Don’t go there.


Hope she gets it by the time they rip her a new a**hole on this e-mail scandal. This would guarantee the Presidency for the republicans. Maybe then the shoe will be on the other foot with total Republican control of the Government. Get this country back on it’s feet and re-become the world dominance in GDP and the military. Get rid of the stooges in control throughout the Gov. Agencies, and get a balanced budget.
Wow, what a unique idea, living within our means.

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I wouldn’t elect Hillary for district dog-catcher.

If I had a daughter like Hillary, she’d have been kicked out of my house
and forced to sleep in her stolen car.

Yes Hillary Clinton will win the Democrat nomination i m wih her i like her very much.

I was on here when she was running against Obama , I told everyone Vote Hillary, Everyone was Against me, I’ll Say it Again , Vote Hillary 2016 it’s Time !!!

Of course, look at the GOP bickering over hard question, demonizing each other, Latinos, woman, and Seventh Day, that alone will hand the election to Hillary, regardless if you love or hate her.

Hillary should be charged with Manslaughter for repeated rejections of the Embassy request for increased security in Benghazi (4 actual requests). As a result of her decision to ignore those requests, four
highly valued US Citizens died. She must be taken to task about this.

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