Had sex with my step sister, need advice?

I was house-sitting for my dad. Unexpectedly, my step-sister came home from college a few days early, because she had to work her job. She and I don’t know each other particularly well, we’ve never lived in the same house, but we get along fine.

She went out for the evening, and came back a bit drunk. and I had had a couple of beers too. We got talking, she was complaining about her boyfriend etc. We started kissing (me and her I mean, not me and her boyfriend, that would be seriously weird), it got a bit hot and heavy, I ended up going down on her, and we slept in the same bed.

(I’ve noticed that some people seem to respond to questions on here without reading them thoroughly, so I’d like to make absolutely clear: She is NOT my sister. We are in no way blood related. Technically, we’re not even step-siblings, because my dad isn’t married to her mother, they just live together.)

The next morning things were a bit awkward (obv). She went to work, and I went home. But then later in the day, she sent me a text that said something like thanks for last night, you cleaned the house too, you should stay over more often (smiley face).

Now I don’t know what to do. She’s cool and fun to be around (plus she’s smoking hot), but obvs a relationship is out of the question (she’s also quite a lot younger than me, I’m 32, she’s 21). I feel very guilty, but mainly because I really enjoyed it, and don’t feel as guilty as I think I should (if that makes sense).

That was a few weeks ago. It’s the first time I’ve been in the area for a while, and I think my dad is quite upset that I keep making excuses to not go around and see him. But what can I do? I can’t tell him. It’s a f**ked up situation. I feel like an idiot.

First of all, you are not an idiot and secondly, its not a f^^ked up situation. Of course you felt awkward about the situation and what happened but it is quite normal. So you should not feel guilty about it and in fact, there is nothing between you two that would prevent you guys from developing a relationship, whether it is a FWB or BF/GF. Your age differences does not matter in your case because you both are adults and not that far off in years. There are plenty of relationships and marriages where one partner is 11 years older or older. You are not robbing the cradle so to speak.

By needlessly feeling guilty about it, you are limiting (your and hers) potential happiness. You are single, she is single so offer her the chance to pursue a relationship with you. Text her back with something like &quot:Glad you liked the housework (and Gardening). When are you coming back from College? I got a special job that needs to be done and it going to take the both of us to complete it. Loved your company and smiles too&quot:.

Don’t worry about dad. Why should he know for now? As for your dad ‘shtupping’ her mother, it is the natural thing to do when living together. So it is not as weird as you think.

ADD: All fathers worth their salt will treat the &quot:step&quot: daughters as real daughters. The key here is that your dad is not married to her mother, so not weird but tricky at best. This is something you will have to discuss with the daughter first to find out what she thinks about the situation and if she wants it to be a FWB or start a serious relationship with you. If serious, then you guys need to talk about bringing her mom into the picture and get her approval before approaching dad. If she just wants a FWB relationship, then you guys can keep it to yourselves and enjoy those moments together. However I honestly don’t think dad will have a problem with it But since I don’t know your family, its up to you and her to make that judgment call. All I can do is offer advice and maybe give you some insight. But yes, I’m rooting for you guys. Good Luck!

. All of you are adults. So go visit your dad. If you have that kind of relationship, tell him you slept with her. If it would really tear him a new one, don’t. It is none of his business who you sleep with.
Why is a relationship out of the question? You are not related. If you jsut wanted a cheap one-night stand, you could have picked a worse candidate, like his &quot:wife.&quot:

Sounds like you two did get along pretty well….I would get to know my step sister a bit better, while you two are not blood relation, you are related through marriage. Family reunions won’t be boring any more!

ur not an idiot, u guys were, to the sounds of it, kind of drunk, stupid things happens when your drunk, believe me. Also your not related to her so its not that weird. Just be honest with her and yourself, that u guys had a little too much to drink and probably weren’t thinking clearly

it’s not that strange, same thing happend to a friend of mine, she hooked up with her step brother a couple of times (again not blood related) and then their parents got married, to this day they remain great friends, but nothing more then that. My adivise to you, just play it cool, more then likely it’s a fling for her, and and will end up being a great friend of yours if your dad stays with her mom, if not then maybe you could hook up with her for good after that

just tell him , theres nothing wrong with it if youre not blood related

nothing really wrong with that. She isn’t really relatred to you in any way. Don’t worry about it.

hit it and quit it

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