Weekend Breaks for 16 year olds?

Me and 3 friends would like to go away for a weekend in June after exams, somewhere in the UK with good entertainment facilities. We’re not disruptive teenagers and would just like to spend some time together before the hols (as we don’t have many free days together)

+ do places like haven accept us as we’re technically counted as adults?

Unfortunately, due to your age you won’t find a holiday park like Haven or even a private holiday cottage who will rent out a chalet/caravan/cottage to you.

Legally, there aren’t many places you can stay without being 18 anyway, but Travelodge hotels do allow over 16s to stay unaccompanied.
You could find a Travelodge in a good location near the entertainment you want and then book a couple of rooms there, the one on the Scarborough coastline is very nice and of course, you’ve got the shopping centre, beach, swimming pool/gym and bus to the other seaside towns practically outside the hotel’s door. If you book it within the next few weeks, you should get a good deal, too.

When me and two of my friends finished our GCSE’s we went to Newquay! Met tons and tons of people in the same situation as us. We stayed in privately owned campsites, often with caravans. Or independant hotels may have different policies to the chain hotels and campsites. There’s no harm in checking with them. As for entertainment wise, if you’re in a place like Newquay you really don’t need campsite entertainment but if you do then these places Trevelgue Holiday Park and Smugglers Haven, arrange under-18s club nights. Alternatively try pitchup.com which lists places that accept bookings from under 18’s.

butlins all inclusive!!! get ya mam / dad or any1 who’s 18 to book it for you, its brilliant just by the sounds off it what you’d enjoy!

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