Did Obama and/or McCain support the Iraqi war?

I mean, I know that Obama doesn’t support the war now, but when it first started, was he one of those people that said they supported the war only to say it was a terrible idea 4 years later? Or was he opposed to it from the start?

What about McCain? Did he support it from the start or was he opposed to it?

Obama wasn’t in the Senate at the time the war started so we will never know. He gave a speech right before the war to some radical group in Chicago at the time, saying he was against it, but really had no access at that time to the intel which showed Iraq to be a threat. So who knows how he would have acted with the same intel as the rest of congress. Since he seems to be a follower, I assume he would have been in favor like all the other congress people.

Just about everyone in the senate supported the Iraq war, including McCain. Obama was running for the senate at the time, and gave a speech during his campaign where he opposed it, called it a &quot:dumb war&quot:. It’s a major reason Obama won the democratic nomination, the fact that he was on record as opposing the Iraq war from the getgo.

Here’s the speech Obama gave 2 weeks before the war was authorized. This was while he was running for the US senate.



The words of supporters are from transcripts of the speech. Only that 13 second bit was captured on video.

BOTH have ALWAYS supported the troops &amp: making the best of the situation, HOWEVER Mccain supported starting the Iraq invasion &amp: Obama was against ( did NOT support) invading Iraq when we did. We can never know what either would have done if invasion question was delayed.

There was a vote to give Bush power to invade &amp: Mccain voted YES, &amp: Obama voted NO

Not only did McCain support the war he did everything he could to convince the public to support it too. He was one of Bush’s strongest supporters. He claimed that due to advances in technology fewer troops were going to be needed in Iraq and the war would be brief. All this when we should have been in Afghanistan going after Al Quiada. And let’s not forget last year when he claimed Baghdad was safe enough to stroll around in. There was no need for armored vehicles or any protection. Then he made a trip to Baghdad wearing a bullet proof vest, protected by 100 soldiers and helicopter gun ships overhead. This is the judgment and experience he expects us to bank on.

Obama opposed it from the start, although it should be noted he did not have a Senate vote at the time, he did make public statements against it. McCain has been for it all along and is still for it.

Obama did not suppoort it from the start while McCain supported the Iraqi war from the start.

Obama spoke again invasion in Iraq. I think he knew that Bush’s agenda and reason for going into Iraq were suspect.
Like McCain said he voted with Bush 97% of the time…and going to war was one of them.

Obama was opposed from the start. McCain voted for the war and fully supported it and Bush’s decisions for it. He still supports it, but he now thinks Bush was wrong to not have a plan up front, but he still supported the plan.

Obama was against it, fortunately, he was a bigger nobody back then than he is now, so his opinion, much like today, did not matter. McCain supported it, but was against how it was managed.

Obama was not senator to vote for the war. He only says he was against the iraq war because it was politically convenient.

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