Racism Against Whites?

This has been bugging me. I am far from being a racist, yet, I am accused of racism any time I disagree with a black person, or admit that I dislike the president, or that I dislike someone who happens to be black. If you ask me, that’s the opposite of racism, considering that I treat blacks and whites equally. It’s not like I loved every white president, or every white person I ever met. If I were to love every black person on earth, wouldn’t that make me a reverse racist? And why is it deemed acceptable for black folks to be racist toward whites? That is not equality. That is special privilege. And before you say whites get special privileges, look around you. This is the 21st century. There are no longer black bathrooms, black water fountains, or designated black seats on the bus. Blacks are not turned down for jobs any more often than whites are. Blacks can live anywhere they want, and even be elected for the presidency. And anger toward whites for slavery should be out of the question, considering that nobody alive today has ever legally owned a slave in America. So I ask you this: why is it ok to be racist toward whites (exception being white supremacy groups) or to demand reverse racism?

You have no idea what it is like to be Black, so how can
you say &quot: Blacks are not turned down for jobs any more
often than whites are&quot: is that a joke?. The problem with
White People like you, is you are a naive and ignorant.
I can’t even comprehend your naivety right now lol, it’s
too late.

I can understand that you have a right not to like the first black president or like black people. Its your making an issue of your dislike against blacks that is the true reason you’ve been accused of being racist.

Sometimes when we are very naive about race relations we want to think that everyone is as ignorant as we are. Race is very complex. And blacks have to deal with being first fired and last hired. Blacks deal with open racism daily, its a reality you don’t experience because you are not black. I happen to be black am I’m not afforded the opportunity to be naive about racism.

The blacks you think that are being racist are trying to educate you about racism. You are resisting important information.


Actually being black changes the whole perspective. Yes, anyone can be racist, but when it truly comes down to it, whites rule America. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be discriminated against, and that they can’t discriminate against others. It can’t change over night and its due to our country’s shameful past. As a black person, it’s natural to view someone as being rasict than keep arguing, etc. The same way it’s natural for a white person to view themselves as not rasict when disagreeing with someone black. That’s the way it’s going to be for at least another 100 years, until future generations stop caring about such things like colors of people’s skin.

The most racist statements I’ve ever heard about black people came from a black man. So, if you don’t like yourself why should and how can anyone else like you?

I bet you don’t know or live around any black people and are just looking for attention. I can tell because I’ve heard every single argument you’ve made a hundred times before. Nothing new here

Whites can be victims of racism also.You do not have to be White to be a racist. Native Americans and African-Americans are 2 groups that had terrible treatment from the government of the U.S.The African slavetrade and the mistreatment of the Native Americans are great crimes against humanity,along with the Holocaust

It’s not okay. Only ignorant jerks are racist. There are plenty of non-whites who don’t practice racism with us.

It’s not okay.

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