Could anyone tell me what type of dog they used in the tv show Charmed, season 3, called &quot:Look Who’s Barking&quot:

Could anyone tell me what type of dog they used in the tv show Charmed, season 3, episode called Look Who’s Barking episode summary: Phoebe has a premonition of a murderous banshee while adding on to the Belthazar section of the Book of Shadows, thus causing her to think Cole is responsible. The sisters then cast a spell to track the banshee which turns Prue into a dog, but when Prue gets hit by a car, Phoebe’s remorse causes the banshee to attack her and turn her into a banshee, too. Thank you in advance!

Sheesh…………… Don’t get a dog because you seen one on the show and liked it…… Those dogs are trained to act. Remember the &quot:Dalmatian Craze?&quot: Everyone JUST had to have one because of the movie 101 Dalmatians. Look where most of them ended up, the shelter!

It happens every time, People like the look of the dog in the show. They don’t research, They go out and get a dog and then don’t know what to do with it once they get it home because they have no idea of what to expect because they only seen what was in the movies. They did not see the true breed or mix. They only see the dogs that are trained to act. Then they end up in shelters.

It looked like an all-white Siberian Husky. It didn’t look like a German Shepard.

By the way, I love Charmed! It’s addicting 🙂

It’s definitely a Husky. It is not a White German Shepherd. It has the completely wrong body shape and ears.


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It was a Husky Mix

I love that show, i’m thinking white german shepard.

it is a siberian husky. they are such pretty dogs

samoyed i think

idk, never seen the show

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