Fundamentalist Christians such as Southern Baptists and members of the evangelical alliance answers please?

Somewhere around Mathew 22:31-46 as there are no specific verses in this copy, page 66 for those with the message.

One of their religious scholars (pharisees) spoke for them, posing a question they hoped would show him up: Teacher, which command in God’s Law is the most important?

Jesus said ‘Love the Lord your God with all your passion and prayer and intelligence.’ This is the most important, the first in any list. But there is a second to set alonside it: ‘Love others as well as you love yourself.’ These two commands are pegs: everything in Gods Law and the prophets hangs from them
and to love you neighbour.

If somone follows these teachings above all others had accepted Jesus into their hearts as Lord and saviour prayed and attended church reguarly and read their bible but did not agree with you on points such as homosexuality and abortion would you still consider them christian? Do you believe that they would burn in hell?

It doesn’t matter what anyone thinks. It only matters what God thinks. You should be asking HIM this question. God knows everyones heart, He is our judge, it does not matter what people think, God will make the final decision.

My friend if you have accepted Jesus as your Savior and the Holy Spirit has come into you to purify and refine, then your disagreement on homosexuality and abortion will soon be in agreement with the Word of God. When the Holy Spirit begins His work in you He is more than able to finish it. Before long you will know that homosexuality and abortion are wrong in God’s eyes. God’s Word clearly speaks against both. One is man does not lay with man and woman does not lay with woman. The other is &quot:do not shed innocent blood&quot: and &quot:there is life in the blood.&quot:

When you love God with everything inside of you, then you do not want to disobey Him. My husband told me when I was 29 yrs. old and he was 38 yrs. old that he had a young girlfriend. The Bible tells us to not commit adultery. My husband wanted to get back together and we did for another year and a half, but I couldn’t live with him. So I chose divorce and a life of being single until he died. I’m 61 and he died last year.
There were many men in my life but I was young when we divorced. I soon disliked myself for the men I had used because I never intended to remarry. At age 40, I gave up relationships and became celebate and asked God to forgive me for my fornication. At age 58, I had smoked cigarettes for 42 years and I loved smoking cigarettes, but I realized that my smoking kept me from speaking God’s Word to young people. And God delivered me from smoking cigarettes. I didn’t want to burn in hell for adultery, fornication or an addiction. All I am saying is that when the Holy Spirit starts cleaning us up, the Holy Spirit gets the job done. He can take away the wrong thoughts on homosexuality and abortion. You don’t have to do anything. If you are really a child of God by salvation through Jesus Christ, your sins will start dropping off of you. When the Holy Spirit starts washing away the sin, just remember, He is more than able to finish the job. One day you wake up hating sin in any form or fashion and loving God with all your heart. Hating the very thought of displeasing Him.

I would still consider them Christian, but would think that they aren’t really reading the Bible, or are probably getting misinformed somewhere out there. And if the views were radically different, and probably borderline on heresy, then I might question if they are a christian or not. Because then, they would be showing signs of false conversion. They would be much like the thorny ground hearer, like many believe Judas was. They get caught up in the things of the world, and it chokes them out, it brings them down.

If you have repented of your sins and asked Jesus to come into your heart, and you read the bible and go to church, you are a Christian. A person doesn’t become perfect the second they get saved, its a learning experience and you should grow. I believe as you grow, your spiritual eyes will be opened and you will begin to believe all the bible.

relax of worldwide attitude: they are considered as very deluded, often aggressively so: their ideals are sure up with a custom that sees themselves because of the fact the ‘essence’ of usa, together as someplace else they are perceived because of the fact the choice. To many, usa represents progression, dynamism, endeavour, innovation, exhilaration! it is IGY, a brave new international, a destiny so vivid – gotta placed on colours! it is basic decency, information, compassion. it is real, trustworthy and rational. that’s the source and thought of lots positivity and stable innovations. it is confident optimism. whether, there’s a word: &quot:each little thing you have heard approximately usa is real, and so is the choice&quot:. that’s a huge different usa, so opposites easily do exist. Many evangelical fundamentalist persons might properly be respectable, upstanding people, who might properly be dependable, patriotic and friendly on a individual point. whether, as a team, they are considered as being slightly backward, absolutist, aggressive and illiberal. they often in user-friendly terms see the international via blinkered eyes, and alter into conscious of it to be full of threats and enemies particularly of pals and possibilities. They latch onto previous ideals, and shelter them aggressively, speedy to label all of us who disagrees as ‘unpatriotic’, ‘immoral’ or maybe ‘liberal’ (the final often a compliment someplace else). They carry particular stable ideals, and are illiberal to any possibilities. they are insecure pessimists. They resemble the style of people who ruled the previous, undesirable Europe, that cutting-ingredient Europeans have been effectively evolving faraway from. they seem at odds with lots of the founding ideals of usa: of justice, liberty, progression, duty and freedom. They greater symbolize the unaccountable, harsh, uncaring rulers that led to the 1776 insurrection interior the 1st place. They symbolize the North American equivalent of the previous Afrikaaner ‘laager mentality’. they don’t seem to be professional-freedom. don’t get me incorrect, usa is a beacon in one among those great style of techniques, and is understandably a land of risk that a lot of people attempt to attain. whether, it isn’t the attitudes of the fundamentalists that attracts them, yet which greater represents the attitudes that they are striving to flee. each usa has its equivalents. Conversely, that’s the vivid, cutting-ingredient optimists and their techniques that entice them to usa. I tension that by skill of no skill all fundamentalists might properly be defined for this reason, yet there is easily a special ‘team’ which could be so pointed out.

Who am I to judge ?? I am a member of Second Baptist in Houston Texas

I would have my doubts about such a person.

No, they will not go to hell.

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