Ferrari vs. Lamborghini! Which is better?

Ok me and my friends are having a debate about whos better Ferrari Or Lamborghini
Ok Ferrari is know for making fast, loud noisy, cars and Lamborghini is know for making rare, super fast, cars
Ferrari- 458, 430, 348, and LaFerrari
Lamborghini-Diablo , Muira, Gallardo, Countach, Murcielago,
So which is better?

ferrari always and forever, they have history badge,design by pininfarina,is Italian 100%, got more models, and they are all different even if I have to say that lambo has something also, unique styling, ( old days) Gandini…………..they inveted the suv ( lm002) the espada four seat 2 doors sport cars, ( panamera today)
and more…V12 mid engine idea, slide doors, name,the bull logo, what a name the countach has!!!!!!!!!!!! but still far far away form the pure only real stallion horse on the planet, the best cars ever, still today!

born racing………………..and red, only red.

Lamborghini Vs Ferrari

Lambo Vs Ferrari

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Ferrari: Has been a dominant brand for multiple years (decades) and has attracted more Celebrities today. Jay Leno owns every Ferrari out there, I heard at one point Ferrari CHOSE who would buy the vehicle. Their Enzo Model, Ferrari chose 20 people that can buy it. Jay Leno and Pink Floyd were one of them. Marketing, obviously they are good. the brand is unquestionable and very reliable. You got multiple models to choose from. Not to mention Colors too! Lamborghini: Really good cars. Not so much the celebrity type although there are a few celebrtities that own this and don’t forgot The DarkKnight (2008) had the Reventon Model driven by Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) in the movie. Lambourghini holds the &quot:Most Expensive&quot: car record today, with it’s Reventon price being $1.7 million plus Tax. They have limited color ristrictions. In general, you will see &quot:technically&quot: more Lambo’s than Ferrari’s because Lambo’s is more available to public than Ferrari is

Ferrari S.p.A new. is the Italian expensive car manufacturer based in Maranello, Italia. Founded by Enzo Ferrari with 1929, while Scuderia Ferrari, this company sponsored people and manufactured cars before getting into production associated with street-legal automobiles as Ferrari Utes. p. A new. in 1947. With 1969, Fiat Utes. p. A new. became some sort of shareholder associated with Ferrari and from now on its bulk owner. Through its historical past, the company has been noted for the continued participation in race, especially with Formula 1, where it has had great success. Ferrari street cars are usually seen as a symbol associated with speed, luxurious and wealth.
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Well, Ferrari is the King of the super cars.
Lamborghini is the King of the hyper cars.

Super cars are precise and fast, bit flashy. Shiny scalpel.
Hyper cars are a show on wheels, raw power and attitude of a 5 year old. A shiny sledgehammer.

It all boils down to which category you prefer. I have a picture of Lamborghini Countach 5000QV on my wall, so take a guess which I prefer. (Not the US version with silly bumpers and lights).

Lamborghini is generally better. It’s faster, handles better and gets you more attention. But that’s also why it’s more expensive than a Ferrari.

Ferrari’s are much more easier to live with though.

Lambo is too much attention yet is amazing with sound and look kinda like a quarterback. A Ferrari isn’t that flashy but is fast and you can drive it all day like a wide receiver. I would rather have Ferrari because those lambo doors look annoying to open/close and too much attention

It depends on what models you are comparing. Some Lambor’s are better. Some Ferrari’s are better.

Statistically, Lamborghini makes more reliable cars, but crazier designs and more limited production numbers.

Ferrari makes smoother cars in terms of design. They are more curvy. But they make and sell more cars.

This is a stupid question. Both make very fast cars. Both make very rare cars. Both make noisy cars. This sounds like an argument that 8 yr olds would have. You can’t say 1 is better than the other based on those things. You need to look at reliability and also styling, although opinions on styling are just opinions. Overall they’re extremely similar.

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