Who is running this country president Obama or the congress?

Seems to me he is being led around by the congress.Like this omnibus bill,he told us in the beginning that there would be no earmarks or pork shouldn’t he support what he believes in or just let the congress get what they want? Is he afraid of his own party?He should veto that damn bill and stand strong he is already losing a lot of the American people.

You should keep in mind that what Obama says and what he dose are two very different things. He made over 800 campaign promises. How many do you think he is really going to keep? When he was asked about how he feels about abortion he almost refused to answer. Looking at what he had done so far as President it is very clear that he is very far left on that issues. It dose not matter if you are pro-life or pro-chose, the fact remains that he keeps how he really feels or thinks hidden. He is just like every other politicization, full of lies and willing to say anything to get what he wants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The South American drug cartels, the palms manufacturers, Dubai… do no longer think of for a 2d that Obama has to any extent further impact than the final guy. he’s the front guy. all of it occurs around us and to us and in basic terms includes him on a superficial point.

Obama should follow his campaign promise and go line by line and then vito the bill. Many americans would think differently about him. Me included.

The problem is that they are one in the same, no checks and balances, only left wing socialist loons in charge. So they can do whatever they want to and nobody can stop them.

Well the system is supposed to mean that The Executive Branch, Legislative Branch and the Judaical Branch all run it.

Congress,and that witch Pelosi!

America – I believe it’s congress &amp: federal banks

Nancy Pelosi, and Obama knows it.

The way things are going at this point, I would say neither.

Both, look thru the smoke screen.

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