POLL: Democrat or Republican?

I’m more of an Independent. If I had to lean strictly one way, it would be Democrat.




Democrat but I believe in voting for the person who will best to the job, be it a democrat or a republican.


i’m a Ron Paul Revolutionist, Pseudo-Libertarian who holds his nostril and maintains to be registered Republican so i will vote in primaries. i’m no longer able to stand the Wacko Christian Imperialist Bush Neo-Cons OR The Bolshevik Pinko Leninist Obama Cult-followers. i’m no longer able to come to a decision that are worse. i do no longer belong in the two social gathering, truly.

the world doesn’t need another republican running the world’s most powerful nation. It needs someone who reads the occasional book, and listens when people say complicated things.

Clinton or Obama fine. Another republican? heaven forfend.

Democrat 🙂


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