Has the Soviet/Russian government ever apologised for many of their soldiers raped innocent German women?

It’s often forgotten how badly the Russians treated the Germans at the end of the war. Has the government ever acknowledged this with a formal apology?

The Russian soldiers, largely ignorant and uncivilised, and completely unrestrained, behaved in an unspeakably brutish and unforgivable way. The Germans were hardly in a position to ask for an apology however, because of their own brutish behaviour. And the Germans were considered to be far more ‘civilised’. Just goes to show how thin the veneer of ‘civilisation’ in fact is.

No, but then have you ever apologised for your grandfather’s misbehaviour when he was a young man? The concept of an apology at this stage is ridiculous. In Britain, we all acknowledge that slavery was wrong and that Britain was a major player but apologising for it would be totally pointless as everyone who was involved (slave or slave trader) is now long dead and it would serve no purpose – current generations of Brits had no control over it nor participation in it. Acknowledgement of bad things in history can be an important step forward but an apology is a silly politically correct game.

Marshal Konstantin Rokossovsky, commanding Soviet troops in East Prussia Issued an Order to stop the Raping and Looting or was he a liar as well he was in Charge

Some officers who tried to enforce the Kremlin order, were denounced by their own men.

&quot:There were also cases — as [Lev] Kopelev and other writers note — where officers who tried to impose discipline were either shot down by their own troops or even were accused of bourgeois humanism and pity for the enemy, which was almost tantamount to treason.&quot:

they denied it ever happened but the 1.7 million in old prussia all say they did

I would be happy if they would stop denying it happened when so many can prove it did

that is Why Germans call the Memorial to the Russian Unknown Soldier in Berlin the Monument to the Unknown russian Rapist

I served in Germany after WW2 and it was common Knowledge that the Red army was raping every female from Prussia to Austria

and No amount of thumbs down will prove to me that what i heard after WW2 was Not True

try this for Size

The abuse was unrestrained, with many Soviet soldiers displaying few inhibitions.

&quot:They used to go 60 at a time to the dormitories where these liberated women were held and just literally charge in and rape them.&quot: Note Liberated Not germans or POW’S

The archives do record several instances of commanders attempting to restrain their men. Marshal Konstantin Rokossovsky, commanding Soviet troops in East Prussia (now Kaliningrad), even issued a written order at the start of 1945 admonishing Soviet soldiers to redirect their &quot:feelings of hatred at fighting the enemy on the battlefield.&quot: But such orders had little effect. Aggression, once unleashed, was hard to rein in. In any case, Soviet leader Josef Stalin did not seem to care about his soldiers’ actions as long as military goals were achieved. the Russian archives indicate a surprising lack of control on the part of local commanders.

the Women of Five countries gave evidence about the Red army Rapes and the Thumbs dow imply they were all Wrong

well i will continue to tell the Truth about the Savages in the Red Soviet Army

no longer that I dispute your fact, yet wikipedia isn’t continuously precise. additionally, what makes you think of that this grow to be finished via an important variety of Soviet squaddies? What makes you think of this wasn’t finished via Germans, people, British? additionally in SMALL numbers. you will desire to study what the Nazis did to to their sufferers contained in the artwork and dying camps. you will desire to look into the Rape of Nanking. there’s a nicely-enjoyed portray The Rape of the Sabine women via Nicolas Poussin. it incredibly is a few thing that is going back (in all likelihood) to the 1st wars between tribes. keep in mind that rape isn’t a sexual crime, yet against the regulation of aggression and of violent domination. the U. S. is the sole united states of america that certainly prosecutes and incarcerates its very own squaddies for crimes.

No, but you are forgetting that the overwhelming majority of solders and officers of the Red Army acted in a professional manner. However, that fact forgives nothing and the still yet to come forced starvation of millions of German citizens by the Western Occupiers far outweighs the sexual assaults by invading solders. When what was to come afterward is considered it makes it a somewhat non event. The real horror was on the horizon.
The Roman Catholic Church authorized abortions afterwards for the first-and only-time in history.

This is why war is something to be avoided.


er…. no.
The Russians lost more people in WWII than the rest of the world combined. Whilst a portion of that can be laid at the feet of soviet tactics and callous disregard for the lives of their own people, the majority of it was as a direct result of German atrocities and the treachery of an attack on a treaty neighbour. In soviet eyes the german people had collective blame for the treatment meted out by their soldiers in Russia and had it coming. The people of east Germany paid the price until 1989. The people of western europe may have moral objections to the reprisals but we have no right to complain.

They should for a bad atrocity such as that!!! Did the German government ever apologise for the many German soldiers who raped many innocent Russian women? In this situation both Russian and German soldiers were wrong on how they treated each others people!!!

I have never seen the Russian government apologise for much of anything, especially when it comes to something as bad as rape!!!

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2. Learn the ethnics:
chechen, azerbaijanian, georgian, kalmyks, kazakhs, tatars, uzbeks, koreans, bashkir etc. They are not russians.
After this ******* multiculti crap in Europe, whether people STILL don’t understand, who are real rapers?

i think it was much exaggerated…but it was a war.

They deserved it.

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