Do u envisage a third world war if isreal and america decides to attack iran?

Do u think if isreal attacks Iran. Iran may retaliate by using nuclear weapon against isreal that would make america join in d fight and other ally nations may join iran leading to a 3rd world war.

Iran has 3 marginal allies. Syria. Venezuela. Hezbollah.

Syria is in the midst of a civil war, and really didn’t have the strength to do anything anyway.
Venezuela is too far away, and doesn’t have the strength to do anything anyway.
Hezbollah is just a terrorist group, they can blow up a bus or launch a few rockets into Israel.. but that’s about it.

There won’t be a world war.

How do you imagine Iran will retaliate with nuclear weapons when they have none? You should maybe ask yourself why Israel is allowed to have hundreds of illegal nuclear weapons and then remonstrate about a country that has none?

Unlikely, since an attack by Israel would be a huge gamble. Also, Iran is still years from having nukes.

I hope, beats the zombie holocaust IMHO

launch them nukes


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