Will 12 million illegals gaining citizenship guarantee current congress get reelected?

Some conservatives are pinning hopes on 2010. I am certain election in 2012 will not happen. Starting to doubt election in 2010 will happen, but assuming it does, will congress get reelected and further expand liberal base?

One of my biggest fears. Too bad the hispanic vote doesn’t realize they’re voting for poverty for life.

That’s a no-brainer: if someone gave you something for free and didn’t have to work for it, wouldn’t you be thankful for it? Eventually, independent voters will start to assign blame to Obama because the economy is not going to recover before next year and, once His free pass is over, it will be reflected in the polls… But if His economic plan is working so well, why not revisit that Elkhart, Indiana RV plant He spoke at and bask in the glory of a Stimulus Plan well spent!

Let’s just hope and pray. I’m getting a ton of mail from all the conservatives who plan to unseat the liberals—-of course, they want money, but I don’t have it. lol I will sign petitions though and do some surveys.

Repubs are going to need to do a lot of changing to appeal to the majority of voters. I think Obama will succeed eventually. It will be nice to say, &quot:I told you so,&quot: but then I don’t do that. As far as illegals, why was this law passed if Obama was allowing illegals in so he’ll garner more votes? Save America Comprehensive Immigration Act of 2009

They got reelected when Ronald Reagan granted mass amnesty to millions of illegals. Yep, conservative role model Reagan never met an illegal he didn’t want to give a free pass to stay in this country indefinitely.

The illegals are going back home. There are no jobs. That’s the one thing Obama deserves credit for. He is solving the illegal immigration problem. As it gets worse, soon it will be us native born citizens out there in the fields picking lettuce.

Guess who will get to write more loans, charge more interest, charge more penalties, charge more fees, and own more property as collateral with all those new arrivals?

Hopefully Barbara Boxer gets canned. She has become annoying.

they ain’t gaining citizenship anytime soon, no fast track to citizenship. if i had to jump through all the hoops and cross every ‘t’ and dot every ‘i’ and pay and pay and pay then they should too

these people are mostly devout Catholics and hard workers…anathema for worthless limp wristed liberals. What conservatives need to do is woo the illegal population.

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