What happens when children prayer for their parents to be healed?

Do children have the same power in prayer with God to get parents or anyone for that matter healed or delivered?

I found this on Christian Breaking News this morning.
Child’s Prayers Lead to Mother’s Healing
GFA News Release (July 12, 2009)
After witnessing this miracle, Lipika’s mother realized that her daughter was right about Jesus. She chose to receive Jesus as her Savior and is now a bold witness to His power to change lives. Lipika is happy to see that Jesus healed her mother.
(South Asia)—Lipika Ahmed knew how to pray to Jesus. She had learned all about prayer when she was a student at a Gospel for Asia Bridge of Hope center. She knew that she could pray to Jesus for each and every thing in her life, no matter how big or how small it was, and that Jesus would hear her prayers. In her little heart, Lipika knew that Jesus was the only true God.

That’s why it troubled Lipika when her family asked her to pray to the traditional gods they had always worshipped. Lipika knew that these idols were man-made figures, while Jesus was real. So she refused to bow before them and pray. This made her parents very angry.
Her parents had become increasingly upset at the changes they saw in their little girl. Lipika’s refusal to participate in family worship was the last straw. That’s when they decided to take her out of the Bridge of Hope program.
But Lipika did not give up on Jesus. When Lipika’s mother developed severe, unexplained pain in her legs, Lipika immediately began to pray. Even as the pain grew worse and she watched her parents try everything from medical treatment to consulting witchdoctors and making offerings to various gods to bring relief, Lipika continued to pray to Jesus.
Lipika’s mother noticed that her daughter was praying for her, and her heart began to soften toward her daughter’s newfound faith. A seed of faith began to bloom in this mother’s heart and she decided to try praying to Jesus, too.
The Bridge of Hope staff continued reaching out to the family even after Lipika left the center. They heard about the mother’s medical problem, so they joined Lipika in praying earnestly for healing. The pastor of the local church even visited the mother and prayed.
Jesus heard the prayers of a little girl, a confused mother, the Bridge of Hope staff and the local pastor—and soon Lipika’s mother was healed!
After witnessing this miracle, Lipika’s mother realized that her daughter was right about Jesus. She chose to receive Jesus as her Savior and is now a bold witness to His power to change lives. Lipika is happy to see that Jesus healed her mother.
Lipika’s mother deeply regrets that she kept her daughter away from the Bridge of Hope center and is going through the process of re-enrolling her.
The Bridge of Hope staff in this area asks for prayer for Lipika and her family, that they will stand firm and grow stronger in their faith.

I think the answer lies not so much in the age of the person as in the amount of faith that person has. People often think that children, being innocent, have God’s ear more so than we do, not being as innocent. But if you remember the woman with the issue of blood. She knew Jesus was coming through town preaching that day and she believed if she can just get to Him, she’d be healed. She pushed her way through the crowd and was able to touch just the hem of his garment. He asked her why she did that (He already knew but He wanted the others to hear from her). She told Him and he told her &quot:your faith has healed you&quot:. Children believe so much easier than we do and faith is the vehicle by which healings are delievered. Sometimes it’s hard because perhaps who they are praying for doesn’t have faith that they can be healed. What happens then, is a spiritual mystery.

You know, you should really ask God about it. Go to the source! 🙂 In your quiet time, ask Him your questions, be patient, He’ll provide you with an answer if you are sincere…be it in your heart, by someone else or however.

Good Seeking,

Children as a rule have much less complicated lives and faiths, so it only makes sense that their prayers would be heard even before those of adults. Do I know this to be true? No. It just makes sense that it would be. They do have at least the same power, as Jesus Christ Himself, as you know, wanted children to be brought to Him.

I noticed someone said that those who are prayed for have more complications medically and that is absolutely not true. There have been multitudes of studies that prove that people who are prayed for have less complications, shorter hospital stays, less acute illnesses, faster recovery rates, etc…It has been measured repeatedly that prayer definitely facilitates healing and recovery of health.

Every surgery presents risk. The first risk is anesthetic. No doctor can know if a patient is allergic to any anesthetic, and it can kill. Doctors know this, and all patients should realize this. That’s one reason permission is required before all surgeries. A beautiful class mate of mine, in high school, died of an ingrown toenail. An ingrown toenail. It became infected, then gangrene, then death. She was only 15. Waiting for a miracle. HEY, medicine is one of our miracles. I may be wrong, but does she not have other children? Should they be placed at the same risk? You want reasons? Use common sense, for Gods sake.

Doctors, nurses, medicines, therapies, etc. heal and cure people.

Prayer does not have any effect on the matter.

Children have the same power as adults in prayer.

Anyone approaching God in faith can have the same results. A child may even be more capable of going to God in full faith that the healing will come. I do not believe that God discriminates by age. The Bible talks about us believing in Him and having the faith of a child.

&quot:Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.&quot: Mark 10:14 (NIV)

Children may have more power as they are innocent and pure and when they pray it is without doubt and with an expectancy for God to do what they ask of Him children are just precious where Jesus is concerned

I believe that children’s prayers are more apt to be answered by God because they are more reasonable and sincere. Adults tend to be more selfish rather than selfless when it comes to this issue.

There are times when a child ‘sees’ more than an adult does in these matters. (&quot:They&quot: are still innocent and don’t have &quot:Pride&quot: as an adult would have.) The &quot:Pearls of Wisdom&quot: does come from the sayings of the babies/children more tha you know.

Little children’s prayers are more direct and sincere than adults prayers. Remember Jesus said to love the little children.
Also remember that God gave us brains to use to make this a better world and to discover the miracles of his universe. Modern medicine has come a long way since I was a little boy. God gave doctors and surgeons skills to heal in his name.

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