LGBT: Opinions on this?

I wanna get a tattoo, not small but it’s not massive either and maybe in the future I might want to get more done as well. I want to get it done, and my family even seem pretty stoked at the idea. My only issue is, will this make me undesirable when it comes to dating? Should I follow my heart or my head on this one ????

If it helps, I’m a girl who dates girls =)

Anyone that’s worth dating will accept you for who you are – anyone else just isn’t worth it 🙂

Girls with a couple off well-designed, well-placed tattoos are hot, I reckon 😀

If you want it, then damn girl go get it! Be yourself and love yourself – after all confidence is incredibly attractive 🙂

It all depends on where you are going to get this tattoo. I don’t think having a small/medium sized one will make you indesirable or undatable infact. In later life though i wouldn’t go too overboard with them, i know someone who became obsessed with tattoos and piercings. It’s really up to you to decide.

As a person who also wants to get a tattoo, but just hasn’t worked up the courage yet, one or two can’t be bad, can it?

Although I understand that people can’t help it if they are not attracted to someone with tattoos, that’s no reason for someone who wants to have them to not get them because it may hinder a future love connection. The fact that you are a lesbian means that it’s highly unlikely that you will find many women who are not willing to date you because you have tattoos. I personally don’t know a single lesbian who doesn’t have at least one tattoo!

terrific purchase is doing it besides… yet i’d only choose to assert that this kinda sucks as I stay in MN, like a million/2 an hour from the objective Headquarters, and prefer a mile from a large aim (the place Ive in no way had/heard of any issues) i admire aim and that i admire terrific purchase so no, Im no longer likely to resign procuring there only because of the fact one [email protected] makes a decision to do some thing like this

It is entirely up to you…some people love tat’s and other’s hate them. Some look great and others look a total mess. I would just steer clear of tat’s with people’s names in them, just in case you end a relationship with that person and you are stuck with this indelible mark on you. I too think of what will this tat look like when you are like sixty or seventy and the boobs or the pec’s have drooped below the waist….eeeekkk…run for your life.

If someone is not interested in you because you have a tattoo, then you don’t want to be with them anyway. Personality matters much more than anything you have on your body.

i’m also a girl who dates girls and i think tattoos can be sexy. on a guy any tattoo (basically) is pure sex. on girls some people can pull off sleeves and tattoos across their chest, but their even sexier if they are really personal and represent something important for you.

It depends on the tattoo. Some are very attractive =)

yeah it depends on the tatoo, some girls might find it hot who knows ..my gf is planning to a tatoo on her breast and i am so drooling over it …

Tattoos are sexy. Do it, but make it meaningful.

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